1 Hour No Talking ASMR For Sleep – Ear Cleaning Sounds, Brushes, Bunchems, Mascara Wands

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1 Hour No Talking ASMR For Sleep – Ear Cleaning Sounds, Brushes, Bunchems, Mascara Wands

This video is part of our long ASMR Sounds for Sleep series which are collection of 1 hour no talking videos to fall asleep with. This video features ear cleaning type sounds like putting brushes in the 3Dio ears or pulling putty or Bunchems out of the ears.

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0:00 introduction
1:06 prickly/ sticky monster sounds
6:03 modelling clay tapping and ear moulding
8:31 ear cleaning/ tapping
10:28 in-ear mascara wand
14:27 clay tool rolling on ear
16:07 clipping pegs and sticky toys on ears
19:40 removing pegs
21:55 removing clay with metal tweezers and surgical tool
24:54 feathers on ears
29:55 sponge and prickly toy
33:06 two prickly toys
35:20 modelling clay on ears part 2
39:05 removing clay with tweezers part 2
43:36 plastic pliers 46:10 prickly monsters part 3
48:12 sticking prickles in ears
51:12 feathers in ears
1:36 ear brushing
52:45 metal tweezers
54:36 mascara wands
102:28 Exit sounds

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Featuring Corrina Rachel

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