10 Amazing Real Life Weight Loss Transformations You Need To See To Believe

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10 people who transformed and will inspire you!
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If you’ve ever packed on a few LB’s, then you know how tough it can be to get rid of the weight. This is especially true if you aren’t used to making healthy lifestyle choices. But, the people in this video didn’t let their weight get in the way of their happiness. From a couple who lost 400 pounds to a plus-sized model who dropped 250 pounds, these are 10 amazing real-life weight loss transformations you need to see to believe.

Back in 2016, married couple, Lexi and Danny Reid, looked nothing like they do today. That’s because Lexi weighed in at a whopping 485 pounds and Danny was 280 pounds. But, when they vowed to stick to their New Year’s resolution, everyone was shocked as the couple lost over 400 pounds. What do they look like now? Well, you’ll have to watch the video to see.

We will also show you the journey of plus-size model, Rosie Mercado. This latin beauty once weighed 420 pounds. She was always beautiful, but she was ready to get healthy and decided to let the world follow her journey. She made regular appearances on “The Doctors” television show. Rosie ultimately dropped over 250 pounds and looks as fierce as ever. Just wait until you see her transformation.

Check out the video to see more weight loss stories from Jessica Battle, Rebecca Grafton, Troy Fox, and more. Once you are done watching, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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ihascupquake 404 says:

Wish I could lose weight

Mitziment says:

A original comment.

Dank Memes says:

Haley Smith American Dad intro

Ayat Hannan says:

I have been following lexi for more than a year n she is my true inspiration.every morning i wake up i see her posts and get inspired.i am so proud of her that she made it to talko inspiration.keep up the good work.

Hannah Bos says:

I subscribed a while ago and STILL have not regretted it, and I have subscribed to some regrettable channels before, but we don't talk about that. ANYWAY I LOVE the channel and I watch as often as possible!



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Lloy Gladwin says:

weight is like a boomerang because it always comes back. ????

Susan Sack says:

Yes, there transformations are great but with such high weight loss how come none of them have any loose skin? Maybe it was surgically removed??

Heather Llewellyn says:

I love the inspiring video but wish you would share Instagram accounts because there are too many Erica Lugo’s to know which one you are speaking of.

Brianna Coker says:

I love Lexi and Danny their so inspiring. Their why I clicked on the vid.

Bookish Feline says:

Great work you weight loss success!

Natalia Morin says:

I’m so proud of these people!

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