19 Psychological Tips That Will Change Your Life

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19 Psychological Tricks That Will Improve Your Life. We try so hard to become better, smarter, stronger, and we often don’t look for easy ways. There are less stressful ways to reach your goals.

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Mopar Vixen says:

Burning your skin to stop itching from mosquito bites isn't a good idea. It can be very dangerous as burning the skin can cause infection and damages your skin. Something to think about.

dragan jovanovic says:

you are awesome man!!! well done,you have sub from me

Vicky says:

how are some of these psychological? its clickbait. number 20.. don't trust titles or thumbnails on video's

Janice says:

zoos are disgusting. taking animals away from their habitat

David. Croce says:

18 is so not true

kushal garg says:

I know you have come down after bananas yes right guess?

Justin Mccluskey says:

Oh? For a second I thought I was watching That 70's Show

Lee Soojung says:

I agree with everything in this video. Thanks 🙂

Bugs00 says:

When that guy smile I smile too

Unnati Mhendiratta says:

Will #7 work ???

Cupcakeunicornpuppies Kittiesdinasaursflowers says:

So… should I just close my fist all the time?

Sebastiaan Leys says:

Tested by billions….?

BlackSkorpion1991 says:

16# is such bs… i eat fast and never gain a kg.

Monika Humayer says:

Partly rght

Sherry D says:

Bananas give me migraines.

Mercedes Stephens says:

All my bananas are brown ;-;

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