21 Day Fix Overview and Sample Meal Plan | Beachbody | Weight Loss Program

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Join my Like Page at http://www.fb.com/fitssimple. Visit my website at http://www.FITsSimple.com. In this video I share my assessment of the 21 Day Fix Beachbody Program!

I will continue to share meals and tips throughout my journey so make sure to send me an email if you need support or message me on my Facebook page noted above!

The 21 Day Fix is a nutrition and exercise based program that really focuses on eating healthy, choosing a variety of foods, and making sure you are eating proper portions. You will receive 7 color coded containers that help you quickly identify what and how much of each food grouping you should consume each day. Along with your containers, you will also receive a Shakeology Shaker cup that makes preparing your shake each day incredibly easy and painless! You will also get 7 workouts and a bonus disc when signing up with me as your coach! These are total body workouts that last 30 minutes long and are perfect for “in a crunch” situations!

The 21 Day Fix is a FANTASTIC program that is really helping me and others achieve their fitness and weight loss goals in a fast and sustainable manner! Contact me for additional details!


Ashley Queening says:

Hi Leslie I have a few questions can you send me your email so we can chat
🙂 I’m really interested in doing this.?

Kelsey Jones says:

The oils actually go in the teaspoons, not the orange. But great video!?

karen fuller says:

How do you incorporate the shakeolagy drink to 21 fix ?

Maria Johnson says:

Hi Leslie, I have ordered this program but have not yet received it. My
weight now is 278 , I can not tell you what my goal food intake is yet. But
do you have to eat all the container for it to work. What if your not
hurry? My email is jaguarmeow1@yahoo.com?

DCBoys86 says:

I plan on ordering this program this week. Won’t be able to do shakeology
with it due to the fact it’s just to pricey for me right now but excited to
give the program a try.?

Smith Adam says:

Great Video?

cbrcoder says:

You are already too skinny. Nothing to fix.?

Terry Martinez says:

Hello Leslie, I was noticing on your wall to the right of you in the video,
there is a calendar that looks like it has the colors of the containers.
Is that something you made up, if so is it possible for you to share.
Thank you, Terry Ann?

Lupita Carrasco says:

I am not getting the shakeology, but I am going to order the 21 day fix
tommorow! any tips willhelp! thanks :)?

Marg Heideman says:

Thanks Leslie, awesome suggestions!
I too am over 50 and my metabolism is so slow…
I guess you shouldn’t be eating any slice of bread then? I was thinking
they are the yellow containers and if they are under 80 cal a slice or so,
that would work as a yellow?? I don’ find I go to bread, but I do like
Ryvita crackers, 2 of them for 70 cal, how do you count that??

Bercola1 says:

I can see the excitement in your face I want to jump on board how and where
can I start?

Drew Kjar says:

My mom and I are long distance runners like yourself, and we just ordered
the 21 Day Fix. I am excited to try the program, but I was also curious on
how to alter the plan on days when we are running 6+ miles. How do you do

Courtney White says:

Which Shakeology flavor do you drink and how are you preparing it??

Kerri Hudson says:

I’ve been on this for two weeks and I feel better but I believe my hormones
are a mess as I’m not losing like I should. Any ideas on what to do? I’m
50 and metabolism is just super slow even though I go to boot camp three
times a week for an hour and walk with my husband on two to three more days
of the week. I have at least one rest day. I’ve heard that lifting heavy
might get my metabolism going again. What do you think??

Leslie Hernandez says:

Leslie. ….is shakology …well the shakes…is the program designed for
just one shake a day???

hipretty says:

How do you know how many calories or what food group to add in if you are
long distance running or something else intense? Does this program advise
in that area, or are you using your own knowledge and experience??

thinypearl says:

yeah but for your breakfast you eat your oatmeal within milk???

???????? ???????? says:

What is the volume of containers??

kerri bachand says:

which container group are you in??

westgurl4 says:

with your oatmeal, it doesn’t look cooked? Don’t you measure it after
cooking? I thought it said in book cooked????

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