30-Minute Selena Gomez Workout For Flat Abs and Toned Legs | Class FitSugar

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Flatten your belly and tone your legs with Selena Gomez’s trainer Amy Rosoff Davis.

On Anna: Lorna Jane, Koral, and Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL)
On Amy: Adidas
On Brittany: Under Armour, Manduka, and Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL)

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janne Leonardo says:

Love that arm workout!

Alice Karen says:

Abs 20:15

Colour Pop says:

Anna stop breathing to the mic so loudly

NoUra -al says:

Omggg! It was killer workout I ever seen my body on fire ? but I have fun u must to try!!

Priyanshi Somani says:

what an amazing workout!! want more of these….

Audrey G says:

This was so unexpectedly brutal!! Thank you!

Rory Parrott says:

Thought her name was Amy "Rolls-off" Davis. Lol. Good workout though. I always pair the arm dancing with another PopSuagr.

?? oh says:

? ?? 30????? 4???? ???? ?? ?? ??.. ?? ?? ??? ????? ???? ????? ???!!

Melissa del Castillo Cabrales says:

Selena is great. She should lead another class!

Jashnoor Kaur says:

A literally Golden Workout ? Best till now

Giulia ?¿ says:


bridget maynez says:

i did this work out before and it used to be easy but oddly today i was shaky

Christina Subscribe says:

Now I have a cramp in my left hip, did I do it wrong?

Marxa D. says:

This is hard

Anna Garcia says:

would this be an everyday workout?

luvnirvana220 says:

Anyone actually look forward to doing this workout? The pain of it is rewarding and you feel great afterwards!

Roselyn Cruz says:

wait…. selena gomez does THIS? whooo girllll

??????? ???? says:

i thought Selena will show the workout?


Favorite workout! Love the ballet inspired moves:D

Mayan Salgado says:

Hi! how many calories burned with this work out?

Crazy Lolipop says:

It was the hardest workout I did in my entire life. Even the insanity workout is more easier than this. I like it .

Iris For Life says:

this is great

zaidkhatib89 Zaid khatib says:

who guys is watching this in 2017?


Love this workout! Thank you very much!

Nerasha Singh says:

Amy amazing work out but ouch that kills I am sweating so much . love u and Selena ?????

Nerasha Singh says:

Ouch Selena . how do u manage this . but its good

Rebecca Marcott says:

wtf was that upward dog downward dog shit? that doesn't look good…

Palwimaalick Congratulations123 says:

Killer workout

Kay Mckee says:

love this video and not just because she's selena gomez trainer lol it works I've tried it and I have every day and there is definitely big results love it

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