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Phanuwit Phromkan says:

nnnooooo my life is a lie

the potter person says:

Whose watching with absolutely no intention of doing it?

Ariized Solo says:

The video is called 1 MINUTE cooking recipes and the overall majority of the recipes day bake for 15+ minutes

Tatiane Oliveira says:

todas as receitas parecem muito gostosa ???

aniketh chakraborty says:

1:40 ??

suzannacharisma says:

19:11 and 19:47 that yellow looks so unnatural for an egg yolk and cheddar cheese

Honey bharti says:

Ky vdo hai mst

Nitin Rajagopal says:

at 8:21 who thought it was a mobile ?

Azure Gray F. says:

1 minute? Really? You can damn cut or ready the ingredients, freaking heat the pan and cook in just one minute? Damn that mother father title.

daisy3690 says:

wow. the visuals on this are eye-watering indeed… thank you for so kindly sharing

Ariana Amaya says:


varun selvester says:

it would b better if the ingredients would b given… unable to understand many things… just thought you wasted your tym making half done video work.. sorry to say

KUSHAL kushi says:

i think u are showing craft not eatable

supraja vikasini says:

there is no ingredients names for some recipes plz can you do it quickly

etishree dhal says:

plz mention the ingredients name

Emily SugarCatGirls says:


Anam Chowdhury says:

Sitting in a hostel and watching all this…how inhumane ?

Nafisa Abrar Mohoshin says:

3:39 6:10 7:15 13:50 ???

Nafisa Abrar Mohoshin says:

Umm… is it weird that I have a playlist called 'future' for things I can do in future videos?

Cyril Jose says:

need to know the ingredients my dear… otherwise…jst we all watch like a movie….

Nimish Khot says:

me while watching full video. – ok thats Cheese, but what is that and that and that?? ????????

999MIL Views says:

1. misspelled hour in the title…

2.WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE GODDAMN INGREDIENTS??????????you only put them in a few videos!!!

HannaMovies says:

One minute uhh 30 minutes in the oven

Mélo XD says:

I want to eat now … ??

Loh Wai Yan says:

thats just too much cheese

Shana Uchiha says:

everyone is commenting "guessing the ingredients" XDDD

Love cream channel says:


Ute Froeschle says:

good and fun cooking ideas. However don't use a balloon to create a chocolate cup! 1. Not food save, 2. latex allergy

Perfect Pastell says:

Its not a one minute recipe if you bake it for 30

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