40-Minute Toned-Body Workout

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Tone your body with this mix of cardio, bodyweight, and dumbbell exercises from celebrity trainer Jenn Glysson.

Find more from Jenn on her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bodybyjennla/.

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1024specialkay says:

absolutely loving this channel so so much! No need to pay a trainer or workout at the gym 🙂

HollywoodCharityAuction.com says:

A lot of moves I have never done before. Liked that aspect. But was distracted by all the side conversations.

Naomi Rodriguez says:

Great workout today, thanks!!

Nil S says:

Just finished this workout and it was crazy good!!

MysTri says:

That was AWESOME!! Bring Jenn back anytime. Thank you!!

3J 1s says:

I was dreading trying this but I loved it! Awesome workout Popsugar!

Kirsty McBain says:

not sure what I'm doing wrong but all i get with the side plank work is loads of pain from my elbows digging into the floor?!

yogagirl violetsky says:

This was too much fun!!! Creative exercises and sequencing

Rachell Li says:

i surviveddddd

Joelle Joelle says:

To slow to much talking I like to continue my workout I felt like there was to much explaining and time in between. This is not a beginner workout video we should be going from one exercise to the next not seconds or even a minute in betweenSome great exercises but I found here was to much talking I barely broke a sweat with all of the "breaks" in between

Irina Belaya says:

It was smooth and diverse! I love workout like this, when you don't notice the time! Please more workouts with this instructor!)

Shannon Parker says:

Love love love! My new favorite. More Jenn please ?

kmgarcia333 says:

When I workout with Anna, I feel happy! She is so positive and inspiring!

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