(41) DIY Pinterest-Inspired Dresser Makeover

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Read More** Here’s a link to the pin which inspired my project: http://pinterest.com/pin/252623860318308988/ Sharing is caring, and subbing is loving! Musi…


antonylettleslie says:

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Shoni Freeman says:

Thank you! And I totally agree. You can? pick a color and make something beautiful for a whole lot less. Repurpose some furniture. Have fun!

EbonyGirlSpeaks says:

i’m looking for some furniture to do a project. I just want something different and unique. so why not create it? you did a? great job and I love the color you picked very pretty.

Shoni Freeman says:

Thank you! Yes, Pinterest is a hard habit? to break.

dwm1213 says:

Beautiful creation. Obsessed with? Pinterest too.

Kubwa Nanzuri says:

imma get the mirrored spray? paint

Shoni Freeman says:

Thanks, lavenderveronica!?

lavenderveronica says:

looks? amazing

Shoni Freeman says:

Thanks!? 🙂

Regina Conway Phillips says:


Shoni Freeman says:

thank? you!

tourmaline2777 says:

Looks great!? I’m a Pinterest fan too.

Shoni Freeman says:

thanks!! :-)?

frenchiedee says:

Looks? FAB!!

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