5 Habits for extreme weight loss – How to transform your body

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Achieving extreme weight loss takes a a very unique approach. Here are a few keys! Tracking!! Record everything you eat. Evaluate your eating habits. Identify the ones that are preventing you from reaching your goals and replace those with habits that support your goals. Daily physical activity & Educate yourself – Work hardest on your environment

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Is Az says:

#1 Calorie Awareness
#2 Eating habits – Address your worst eating habit first. Deal with one bad food habit at a time.
#3 Daily physical activity get heart rate up everyday
#4 Research gain knowledge of fat burning
#5 Environment – Friends, food in your home.

Daughter of Zion says:

It was really helpful…am trying to loose weight , my fridge is full of veggies and I try to not eat sweet things …am 1.76m …115kilos … I feel like crap…new sub here ..thank you

denice_001 says:

I'm in 2 min and im obsessed with how real you are. I love it. I need to get back in shape ASAP! After 3 kids i gained and lost a lot of weight throughout the years. I went from 140lbs to 220 and back to 170. Now i got comfortable and NEEDS to change. Thanks for making motivational videos ????

lizzie J says:

Would you recommend an appetite suppressant? I do have teenagers at home so keeping snacks for them at home is a must?

XAudreyS says:

I love your channel very inspirational.

Millah323 says:

Brix Fitness, what advice do you have for preventing loose skin during weight loss? Please let me know, thanks…

Deborah Campbell says:

Excellent video! I just shared this with my Closed Facebook Support Group, Team Fitness & Fun. It ties nicely into what we’ve been talking about on the site. Love #5!! Thank you!!!

Mrs. KN says:

Snacking at work was my weakness. I changed that with one protein bar and lost weight. I went from 172 to 162 in 2 weeks.

Janella Hutchison says:

I have also lost a lot of weight before and totally agree with ALL points! These same tactics helped me to. I have gained some weight back but def not ALL of it but what Ive found to be the hardest is the environment piece. I have a teenager and a 9 yo and they like their snacks! Lol I try not to eat them to but its so hard haha. I use that analogy also about a crackhead being in a crackhouse ??. I get to tweeking and eventually cave lol! What do u suggest for those types of obstacles?

Twiggy W says:

Do not chase ducks……just don't, they can be some evil Bastards!! ?

lol omg says:

I don't want to get into a habit of chasing ducks at the park. Never know if a duck is packing but I will give you thumbs up. Lol.

Lejay James says:

Best advice I've heard about weigh loss

Kristyl Neho says:

Really enjoyed your video. Great work. Thanks

jennifer himpsl says:

I can tell where you mentally came from. I think we came from the same place.

jennifer himpsl says:

I think your amazing

Khessa Michelle says:

Wow u look amazing

#IsergThat ATL says:

#IsergThat my worst eating habit is going to sleep soon after eating #ugh

Cassandra Roan says:

Thx for these awesome tips

Vet Len says:

I haven’t been on your page for awhile, man your subbies have grown! Thanks for the video

AJ WATTS says:

What do you suggest for a calorie meal app

Chad Cooper says:

Thanks so much for your help I’m on it

Coach Sir Zamar says:

You look good man!

Zorie gomez says:

Wow, inspiring!

Catina Allen says:


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