5 Meal-Prep Recipes

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Here is what you’ll need!

Start your week off right with these meals: http://bzfd.it/2nEqFnq

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Sylwek Kalinowski says:

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tommygirl20247 says:

Carrot Top pesto doesn't approve

Annika Leon says:

these are all just making food ant then eating leftovers smh

Jenny McCallister says:

anyone else watching this at 2 am?? XD

Sarah Skanes says:

Love the meal prep videos. Keep them up!

Mew Tje says:

so… you basically eat the same stuff for 4-5 days a week? :/ Doesnt seem exciting

Jimmy prawira samudra says:

I don't get it. you're basically just turn them into leftover-like by putting your food into refrigerator.

Tariq says:

Those chicken pieces aren't cooked

Jessica mai says:

How long do i have to re-heat them for?

Tee Bee says:

Are you using a cast iron skillet in these videos?

Manuel Angarita says:

Esas caraotas en lata arruinan todo. Nada como preparar unas caraotas en su olla de presion y su respectivo sofrito… Le dan un toque mejor a cada comida.

Jamie Daly says:

Is there someone at tasty obsessed with broccoli cuz recently it seems like every video has had it int it

Julia Lovegan says:

Meal prep shouldn't be healthy? Lots of eggs, bacon, sausage… That's anything but that.

Sabrina Bell says:

marry me and I promise I'll never skip one of your cooked food from your talented hands ?

Meg W says:

I don't know about y'all but this is not enough to eat for me haha maybe I'm just a fatty

A Team says:

These are not even healthy

Nicole. says:

the first one is food for ants, right?

Di Hai says:

Really helpful! Can you please make more meal prep videos?

CW WC says:

I'm starting to think Tasty has a think for soy sauce and honey

Day DelaC says:

Delicious and looks Simple!!

Mohammed Arzan says:

what is the meaning of Meal-prep?

Nan M says:

One of the best meal prep videos I've seen!:) Thank you! Will definitely try some of these out.

FunkyCrazyHappy says:

This is proly one of the healthiest video on Tasty srl.

Tala Zantout says:

I tried the egg breakfast cups and they were delicious ?

Iceechibi says:

Who tf calls them "breakfast burritos"? In Texas, these are breakfast tacos.

Cream Cheese says:

for those of u saying you don't want to eat the same thing for lunch talking about the last 3, heres a good idea (some of u may already have had this idea)
so yeah no one wants to repeat stuff but these r actually good, fith tasty recipies ive made. So u make one of each for 3 days of the week, and chose ur favourite and eat that the last 2 days

Hana Taleb says:

Never get enough of these vids

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