5 Ways to use Pinterest for Promoting Your Videos [Creator’s Tip #75]

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Pinterest is the fourth largest referral of traffic on the web! While most of it is based on sharing images and posts, Pinterest officially supports pinning …


iKraZeeTV says:

Check Out My 11? Steps To Get? Your Video Viral And Gain Subscribers And Subscribe If You Like My Videos!

pokebrocast says:

Great tips? 🙂

TechGeek311 says:

Great tip I’ll put it on? my Pinterest account, thanks

Fabulous Sport Outdoors says:

Hi, great tip, nice video and..thanks for? sharing!

Jere Whitehouse says:

Tim thanks for the info on Pinterest!? As a RE/MAX real estate agent, I always looking for new marketing ideas. I must admit I am still a bit confused on how to best use Pinterest in my business, however your video has helped.

Rachel Channel says:

Hi Reelseo, I noticed on your old layout YouTube page where you have the video automatically running, you also have a list of recent uploads below. How do you do that? On my channel, there is just ONE video? on featured and scrolling down, there is no RECENT UPLOADS

Mary Trautner says:

Thanks. I just went and created? my Video Board.

Zeus Jupiter says:

Tim, I appreciate this tip? a lot. Will be working on trying to make it all work! Right, take care!

Dylan Devaux says:

can you show how to design a utube channel? like urs. with the sibscirbe button and stuff like that

Bobby Carroll says:

Great tip to select a compelling thumbnail? for your video when embedding your YT videos in Pinterest!

Renae Christine says:

Sorry I’m so late watching this. I consider myself a Pinterest expert and? teach people how to market their businesses with it. Your advice is fab. I’ve also learned that by typing in the description ‘pin now watch later’ makes pins go viral faster. Also, Pinterest collab boards are the fastest way to get free traffic from more than just your Pinterest followers.

Grant Crowell says:

Seriously, you guys need to give credit to the original information source. Don’t be re-posting public information and acting like this is all something shared for the first time on ReelSEO. (Google “pinterest video marketing” and you’ll? see how all 5 of the tips were already published on Mashable, and OnlineVideo-Net for that matter.)

promoteonlinevideos says:

A word of caution: there are two types of YouTube embedded links. There’s a shorter one (which is the first one you see), and a long link (which is hidden). Pinterest will reject the short link because? the system sees it as spam!

InfoProvide says:

Thanks for sharing these tips! Great video!?

chefkendranguyen says:

I use Pinterest, but I’m? no expert either.

SoulSurvivorX2 says:

Good stuff. I’ve been trying to figure Pinterest out for awhile? now

inkeater says:

I’ve been using Pinterest since it first came out to keep track of my youtube videos I had done through out the year so I could see what I had accomplished that year in most cases it was to keep track of my stop animations and I created boards of my videos But I hadn’t thought until watching your video to use it as a promotional tool. Thank you. I also wanted to say, there’s an app/website called Viddy which I would consider an instagram for videos since? uploading can only be done via mobile.

Ameer Rosic says:

One Pintrest is like youtube. Creating? a following and a tribe around it. I have notice great increase in views when I started using it. Its simple, pin your video, share and spread. It all about the tribal connection. Remember in the new age of marketing and growth, its all about building a tribe and connecting on a human level. Start using it 🙂

Thanks Ameer

ReelSEO says:

Good idea! You should make a video response to this with that? tip. 😉

ReelSEO says:

You’re welcome!?

ReelSEO says:

Really? That’s good to? hear. Glad it’s working out for you guys!

ReelSEO says:

Right now I’m not sure there’s a good way to do this on mobile. I think you can verbally? point them to subscribe on mobile, but even including links to your other videos in the description text doesn’t even work that well. If anyone else has some ideas, I’d love to hear them.

ReelSEO says:

Care to expound on that? Pinterest works for sending traffic to you videos? How has it worked for? you?

ReelSEO says:

Thanks! We really appreciate you lending? your voice to ours!

Michael Warbux says:

I love Pinterest for posting my vids. If you’re a Chrome user, get the Pinterest post button for your browser. Go to your YouTube video, hit that button, select your board, post your vid, and boom you’re? done! It’s literally a 10 second process. Just thought I’d put that PinTip out there for ya.

ninetalescommander says:

I am definitely gonna make use of this, as? always your videos prove to be very informative.
Thanks again.

Team Film It says:

We’ve only just started using Pinterest as we only just found out you can pin videos but we’ve had a lot of success with it drawing in traffic? so far. It seems much better then reddit and stubleupon and other similar sites.

NekoAesthetic says:

Can I also make a video request? I’d? love to see a video on how to drive mobile traffic views to further content. Annotations and end card video links have no use on mobiles, so is there anything else you can do to drive those particular viewers to engage with more of your content?

NekoAesthetic says:

I have never used Pintrest to promote my videos, but I might just give? it a crack now! Thank you for the info about how to title pins too.

Debi's Design Diary says:

seriously??? this is one of the few sources for creators on youtube , I have learned a ton from watching these very clear and informative videos, that would otherwise many hours of research to do on my own. Not to mention that my views and sub count have increased at a much higher rate since I started? following some of the tips offered here.

Ameer Rosic says:

It works!?

Comiendo Rico says:

Good info, I’ll share it? on the marketing show in facebook

Robert Bell says:

Hmm. Interesting.?

ReelSEO says:

Well, there’s not really any money in this video either, so not sure what you mean by that, but whatever.

If you look back through our channel you’ll find a lot of? videos geared specifically toward the average non-business owner. Hope they help!

snookervilleify says:

Unsubbed? from Jewboy, ahh free……

awesome24712 says:

I wish you would talk about how to market your videos on YouTube itself, for? the average non-business user. Of course, though, there’s less money in that, and isn’t Reelseo’s goal. Probably going to be stop watching these because of that.

CoinOpTV says:

my pintereset is the? same as my channel name – coinoptv – follow my boards yo!

ReelSEO says:

Thanks, Carla! I’m interested if you’ve seen anything that indicates that video performs similarly to photos on Pinterest. That’s be fascinating? to hear if you have any info on that.

ReelSEO says:

That would be a great video! Our founder, Mark Robertson, can speak to? that much better than I can. Maybe I’ll do an interview with him for his own channel about that.

ReelSEO says:

Right. I’m skeptical? that videos will perform the same way photos and posts do. I briefly mentioned it, but didn’t get into it because it’s not really the point of the video.

Carla Marshall says:

Glad you like the article 🙂 It’ll take a lot of hard work but I think? Pinterest could be very valuable to some brands if they take the effort to optimise and engage with other users.

Ronnie Bincer says:

Pinterest drives that much referral traffic … wow!
I looked into the research and don’t agree with all of it (who does now-a-days?) but it does seem like a place to do some work if you can tap into the ‘referral’ aspect. Not sure that many people’s videos will? cause such great referral activity but certainly some content may.

pkbreeze08 says:

Is there any chance you could do a video about? WordPress, and SEO for WordPress.
Or direct me to a video if you already have one.

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