8 Game-Changing Pizza Recipes

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Hoang Anh Nguyen says:

So delicious

Bernadette says:

Please tell me you guys WASH your vegetables and meats before you eat them! The cauliflower pizza recipe would be RUINED if you don't get the extra dirt and sand found inside the tiny fragments of the veggie!

Akiva Elkin says:

I nutted like 8 times

Alison Wu says:

Why am I watching this when I'm hungry and can't make anything to eat?

Gayush Levonyan says:

What to watch when it is 2 am and you are fucking hungry

Maty Potter says:

Dear Americans,
unlike you, Italy has her own culture;
Don't mess that up please, get yours instead.
With love,
Me and all my 7 Italian friends cringing at this with me.

zolzaya chandagbal says:

Looks so yummy

Tiny Octopus says:

That moment when you're thinking of a clever comment to write

Rosabelle Bunny11 says:

The cauliflower thing looks the mashed potatos!

Desi G says:

I'm eating pizza right now!

Aminoor 49 says:

That handshake ? tho

Shantne Subramaniam says:

hungry lahh

ngoclank11 says:

Awesome, make me so hungry….

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