9 POPULAR Health Tips That Are COMPLETLY Bogus

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Here are a few things you probably DIDN’T know about a few health tips you often hear about. Watch the video to find out what myths are debunked.

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Thuggee says:

i could never stop eating gluten i like stuff like Kao Fu to much

Wutsizface says:

There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. Humans can live just fine without them. And excessive consumption of carbs can cause weight gain. I'm not sure where you got the info for the last one.

Morty McMort says:

why did you leave out the fact that dark chocolate is a afrodisiakum, for sex.? it's the most know I would say. not mad at all maybe you didn't know. then again with all the knowledge you give us. I don't believe it is. 😉

La Vaka says:

Carbohydrates are actually not necessary. If you do not eat carbs, the body will naturally start to rely more heavily on converting fat into energy. Carbs are mainly essential for high endurance activities when you may need to refill your glycogen stores faster than you would be able to through converting fat cells into energy.

A human being can live off of virtually no carbs very easily. Though, what is living without good pizza, pasta, noodles, and rice?

margie713 says:

No more animations of germs and viruses, please!! They're so creepy… ?

Allan Bruno Petersen says:

Like he says, antioxidants in supplements seem to do more harm than good, get them from real food: https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/antioxidants/ .

Ed E says:

Eat healthy; die anyway.
Saunas are good weight loss motivators for picking up sex partners.
The fastest way to get a six-pack is at the drive-thru.

Love your vids, Mike.

Ayumi meso tora says:

the only good thing about dark chocolate is that if you have low blood pressure it can help to rase it and no I didn't make this up back in the day it was a popular fist aid method when people hat dangerously low blood pressure to get it up until medics arrive and from personal experience I can say that it truly works but only if it's real dark chocolate with around 50-70% cocoa

Steve Enderman says:

Moderation is the key for most foods, unless you are intolerant or allergic of course. Supplements can be helpful, but also in moderation and if they were made the proper way and of course supplements can never totally replace a normal diet.

Lennie Binale says:

That world of the wars bit was pretty good ?

Flaschenteufel says:

Hum the firt one is a bit tricky….guess most people will come to the conclusion that there isn't any health gain from dark chocolate just because your food ( or in this case chocolate bars) is so terrible and mostly synthetic in the U.S.. Besides – most countries in Europa and elsewhere on the map have never heard of these bogus health tips…

Sophia R says:

Good video, Mike! Thanks! (:

TheAmazonElf says:

I recently discovered that Tate's Bake Shop Brownie Thins (Gluten-Free) will improve ANYBODY's health via sheer pleasure. you will not believe the crispy crunchy decadence.

Dance Art Pro says:

last 2 are wrong. wheat is horrible for you because it contains phytic acid which is an anti nutrient.

Kelcey Nickson says:

Sugar is a huge problem.

Hamilfan Is here says:

Plz do a hamilton vid

Hamilton squad
Like if u agree

torntigre says:

I'm glad this didn't controversial because there's a 50% chance I would have become SO defensive! 😉

Stop It says:

Im may be first, but either way notification squad wya.

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