A Perfect güd Morning | by güd® from Burt’s Bees

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Enter for a chance to win your perfect morning at http://www.gudhappens.com/perfectmorning Six months ago, Keri Pfeiffer made a board on Pinterest, detailing…


gudhappens says:

Thanks? for the comments on the song, everyone. We love that you love it! The track is a custom piece composed specifically for this project, so this is the only place to hear it for now.

kadoatielover says:

someone shazam this song! i? need to know its name! 🙂 por favor y gracias!

felixrides24 says:

I was so surprised when this ad appeared before a video and I realized that I know Keri!! I had seen a few pictures on her Facebook about her travels and? this is absolutely AMAZING!!

felixrides24 says:

I was so surprised to know Keri!! I had seen a few pictures on her Facebook? about her travels and this is absolutely AMAZING!!

Brandon Minikwu says:

I’ve played this commercial about 10 times just because of this song..i want..no i NEED this? song!!!!

adifferentabby says:

Anyone know? the name of this song? I need it! It would be perfect for my project!

Brandon Minikwu says:


Rebecca Kelsey Sampson says:

This is such a unique idea for a contest! Making my board now. Good? luck everyone!

Kindness is the best accessory,

Amanda Mount says:

I dont get how you do? it…do you just create a board with your perfect getaway?

Dia Mohamed says:

this song yo!!! what is it called??

Kori Nielsen says:

I? want this soo bad! entered!

Jessica Necor says:

ahh what song is this??

Kori Nielsen says:

I want this for? my boards sooo badly!

Diana Smith Hill says:

Beautiful! I would love? to win some GUD and a perfect morning!

Somebodyouthere says:

i want to go there!?

Serena Adkins says:

Great video. I hope to? bring to my perfect gud morning to life as well. Thank you for the chance.

jkotis564 says:


2koolken says:

I saw this ad while watching a video game, um, video. Hey, I use your products too. Let’s see, I use the Vanilla lotion with rice which btw any vanilla product especially with rice is hard to find in my area. And as far as Burt’s? is concerned, I use the lip balm. Still searching for your cherry flavored products (especially lotion)!

Amine Silvares says:

I just? wish you guys could do this with my Food board. Just that board.

Robert Hughey says:

güd? luck everyone!

Ales Piazera says:

Oh…? I’m brazilian and I just realize that I can’t participate…
When do you come to Brazil by the way? I would love this here <33
Congrats for your idea, that's an awesome promotion!!

Di Coke says:

love? this!

Sherry Lehman says:

So? love this….

colin whitrock says:


applesNbananananas says:

anything that I? can do to have a güd morning is a plus in my book!

Vera Chu says:

This video makes? my day!

Juan Febles says:

Everything is GUD?

ricekrispies3 says:

Great? promotion…love it!

longlivethegardener says:

I’m definitely? entering this, it’s gud lol

Dave Costantini says:

cool video?

cass sav says:

Wishing I? was there!!!

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