Advanced Abs – 10 MINUTE SIX PACK WORKOUT | Rebecca Louise

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My advanced abs home workout is 10 minutes of core-crushing exercises that are sure to get you a six pack! Subscribe! – Your 30 Day Get Fit Plan! – Find Your Fire Challenge!

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Gucci Cocaine says:

I get a 404 error when trying to download the app on Play

Sofia says:

Oh my! #icanfeeltheburnRebecca ????

Annet keith says:

absolutely wonderful , great workout !?

Beberryhappy X says:

Just me or is this the same as her other 10 min abs but different order

Emma Caroline says:

Oh Yeah! I love your ab workouts <3

Kng Kylie says:

Wooooow that location!!!!? I Love u ?

Raneem Alajja says:

Amazing ?I love it?

Katharina Schreiner says:

Hihi….thats good….???but hard???

farzana Suratwala says:

Do i need to give up pizza n fries for abs

Gabriela Kret says:

oh my god! you are amazing! let's do it!

frmsdhrt says:

what a wonderful workout Rebecca!!! thank you soooooo much! it was time to exercise and now my abs are on fire ??

D MYK says:

Love this advanced workout and the water! Maldives is on my bucket list 🙂

Also, where is your sports bra from pls?

Sara Cheng says:

I love your workouts from XHIT , can't wait to try these ones !

Romana Rozenbergová says:

Rebecca I love yoou <3 and your workout so much.

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