Amazon Herbs Trivita, Sacred Commerce Overview with Troy Casey.

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certifiedhealthnut says:

were ramping up with the new company TriVita and product Zamu Gold…taking it to? the masses via infomercials…get in before its a household name!

MrTroyCasey says:

have? you tried the Amazon Herb Co. products?

alpepps says:

i sent? ya one a few days ago my friend 🙂

certifiedhealthnut says:

hey brother,? send me an email troycasey333@gmail[.]com

alpepps says:


milissamusic says:

Love this!!!
I am a vegan..?
herbal elixir drinker..
Blessings.. of Light.
Hope you like my music.

certifiedhealthnut says:

whose “physical evidence”? you ever hear of research bias? our world is based on it…open your? eyes…money is what dictates most “science”. especially economic science.

iamearthbornami says:

isn’t? mother earth so amazing~peace love and gratitude

CDmagz says:

The amazone is beautiful and we hope that it? remains beautiful for the people and animals living there!

thank you for sharing this interesting video love.

Love and hugs

The Booth family x

Marie-Alix Grenier says:

very good video ! thank you for these picyures !!*****?

kookkilla1 says:

very well done!?

Rab Adamson says:

Thank you for sharing? your hearts wisdom

Angel Claire says:

Amazon forest is filled with so many healing herbs thank? you for sharing this amazing video and message
blessings of love and peace

amazontroy says:

WeCanSaveTheAmazon[.]com is a great website…everyone should join it for? updates!

certifiedhealthnut says:

like? name one universal law that has been “disproven” by science.

remember 42&% of all drugs & 25% of all cancer drugs get their impetus in the Rain Forest. yet the isolated, standardized chemicals created from these toxic substances cause side effects including death!

people dont die from cancer they die from cancer treatments!

in 1949 polio was mandated to never again be diagnosed, what we see now is muscular dystrophy multiple sclerosis and other medical terms that are basically? polio!

Melle Beemster says:

Principles formulated in times when there was no understanding whatsoever of nature.
You adhere to these principles, but not other principles which have been disproven by science just as well as this?

Of course, everyone on the planet is free to believe in whatever they feel like. But please don’t turn? down modern day science. It’s what taught us what the digestive tract you cleanse does.

I’m all for decreasing the amount of liars in the world.


certifiedhealthnut says:

id rather base my life on the ancient principles of health, practice health and be healthy! the study of poverty creates more soup kitchens and the study of pathology creates more pathology and pathological liars ;-]?

Melle Beemster says:

I think you mean the origin or the source instead of etymology.
I have no idea about other studies but human? physiology, pathology and histology are universal and yes those things are actually experienced directly.
Scientific truth is actually not found by subjectively looking at something, but by actually researching something in a scientific method. “I think I saw it work once” doesn’t cut it when you practice actual medicine.

I’d rather base my life on physical evidence and reasoned logic.

certifiedhealthnut says:

FACT: the etymology of academics is trivia.

Universities are the worst place to get your information from as they train one to repeat and regurgitate things that are chant learned. most text books have been paid for or funded by a multinational corporation. i do suggest you get a formal indoctrinated brainwashing from a school if you want to be? a cog/slave in the machine.

However, if one is interested in truth i recommend DIRECT experience.

Melle Beemster says:

This person obviously has no clue whatsoever about the slightest beginning of maybe possibly on a less cloudy day TRYING to understand medicine. What a joke.
Anti-viral, -fungal and -bacterial WHICH MEANS it must cure cancer?
Are you f’ing joking?
Get your ass into? a university or get your ass off indoctrinating people with even less education. Bah.

netlethe says:

Great Info & ethos ..

certifiedhealthnut says:

dandelion root(liver) and leaf(kidney), uva ursi, organic celery, beet & garlic juice, cayenne, aloe & or cascara sagrada for the colon.

chanca piedra is my favorite for the kidneys.

when it comes to money & health you can never buy it back once you are ill or in the? hospital. and if you go down the allopathic road you’ll be lucky if you ever get REAL healthy again! HEALTH IS A CHOICE
many blessings ;-]

deepwatertree says:

Troy, what are the best plants to take to clean out the liver, kidneys and colon? I think I might have some kidney problems, and need to? do some serious detox on them, but right now, I really can’t afford any of the AHC products. What would you recommend that I could find at any health food store? Thanks, Love and Respect to you and the Fam. =]

Shaunt1 says:

Great information! If more people lived like you disease would not be? so common.

amymariegreenqueen says:

nice video,? very professional…i likey:)

certifiedhealthnut says:

you speak of profit: what advertising has programmed your purchases? & what pre tell do U do for a living?

there is a whole faction of our species that is evolving into higher dimensional consciousness. the Indigenous elders have been saying for many years it is a great time of AWAKENING. the? creator/intelligent design put these plants & Rain Forests here 4 our symbiotic relationship and ability to thrive! wakey wakey

stay tuned my next video will B in my underwear and talk about ur BUTT!

certifiedhealthnut says:

i agree comedy is where it is at, it allows ppl that’ve been bamboozled into ignorance about their health a chance to B enlightened. i spent many years giving freely the knowledge i had learned about internal purification before i learned of the AHC opportunity.

gullible? people?…i pity those that do not practice self care! their purchases go towards products & services that disrespect themselves & contaminate the Earth!

Pierre Nadeau says:

well done video. troy shows the awareness of the amazon’s forest and? a company that helps us do that. its not about him but the amazon forest’s potential.

dogseatsnakes says:

I liked you better when you were a stand up comic that made fun of? this new age nonsense. It is kind of amusing that you are now making a profit off the gullible people you make fun of.

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