ASMR Doctor Visit For Sleep Problems –Binaural Sleep Clinic Role Play

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ASMR Doctor Visit For Sleep Problems –Binaural Sleep Clinic Role Play

In this video Dr. Slumberland gives you an exam and discusses your sleep troubles and gives you advice to help you fall asleep.

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Featuring Corrina Rachel

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Matt Kimbro says:

Someone named phu van is stealing your content an reuploading it on their channel. You may already be aware but thought I should let you know.

Ally Michelle says:

the sound is like on,and wrong side

jessica hernandez says:

I love your role plays! 🙂 you did a really good job with this one!

amanda rivera says:

I absolutely LOVE your role play videos….i tend to watch them the most, so relaxing.

Kezzraw says:

the goggles are going to give me nightmares.

SleepTightAsmr24 says:

Hey, I'm a small asmrtist I would highly appreciate if anyone could subscribe;)) Have a nice day!<3 ?

Nick Phoenix says:


CJColey2 says:

so many editing errors XD there's one at 23mins and 29 mins

Xychu Adeoko says:

This was so "COOL"!

t morales says:

I usually don't like roleplays but I loved this video! The doctor role was very relaxing and has opened me up more to roleplay. I'd love to see more!

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