ASMR Whisper & Ear Massage: Sounds of Swimsuits, Binaural 3Dio & Try On Fashion Haul, Fabric Sounds

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1 Hr Extended Patreon Version Edition

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ASMR Whisper & Ear Massage: Sounds of Swimsuits, Binaural 3Dio & Try On Fashion Haul, Fabric Sounds

Welcome to a 3Dio Whisper & Ear Massage Fashion Haul – this video features a number of ASMR Triggers including ear to ear whispering, massaging the 3dio ears with fabric sounds, brushing, touching the ears and more played against modeling of swimsuits, bikinis, a dress and some high heels. Many thanks to Zaful for sponsoring the video!


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Featuring Corrina Rachel

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Unicorn Gamer says:

😀 beautiful suits and they look amazing g on you! i loved this video!

???? ????? says:

? ?? ????

scarlet night says:

who ever said your too old is crazy!, as a 18 year old I would actually murder to be as thin as and have a good of a figure as you do! great content as always you rock!

Ginger The Savage says:

I don't see any hate comments so this video must mean everyone likes it! I do and u look perfect and u look very young and would make a great model!????????

pryomatic says:

When girls have more bathing suits than you have normal clothes

MissKookie says:

You're very fit omg

Jorge Fernández says:

Sexy and hot!

Chris Simpkins says:

You're a lot prettier than I am…

Adam L says:

What a stunning woman you are – just gorgeous!

Gaby says:

You're posing really well

???? says:


Dj Mack says:

They are all my favorite you're so sexy & gorgeous Corrina!??

Brodie Collins says:

Serving Bodyodyody! Don't think you're too old to be modelling the swimsuits, you look amazing and if you were walking by me in that I would definitely take a second glance and I'm 18, so you know, age has no effect

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