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Welcome EVERYONE ??? I finally have my At Home Workout up for you guys ?? I’m so excited for you all to TRY IT OUT!!! ALL OF THESE WORKOUTS consist of 3 sets and do as many reps as you can ?? remember to always push yourself ? much love & THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING ? let me know what else you want to see ??? Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE ?

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Glutes/Leg workout


Weight loss cardio WORKOUTS

Q&A loose skin

What to eat to lose weight | NO DIET

Weight loss Journey | How I lost 120lbs

To my soul – Jerry Folk
Firestone – Am7
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gujjjjjji0000 says:

Which shoes are you wearing in this vid?? Love you xx

Mimilinchen says:

I love yout positive being so much, always makes me smile. I will definitely try this out later the day. Greets from Germany. Keep it up sweet girl.

Nadine B says:

yas girl! love it

niwanjana rathnayake says:

um a big fan of you.. Love u so much..!??

Laylah Arroyo says:

let us know what's your meal plan or your food regimen/diet

C'Anna Irene says:

I was just looking up at home workouts! I am starting my journey tomorrow after my classes are done. You couldn’t have uploaded this at a much more perfect time! THANK YOU ???

Hollywood18Star says:

Thank you girl!!i love the motivation and it means a lot to know that you want to motivate us your supporters ??

Genesis Feliciano says:

OMG yass bishhhh I really needed this! I live in the middle of fucking no where and there is no gym close to me this is really good ! I could actually do these exercises at home ! Woot woot! I am telling you! Your videos are good asf like frfr your gonna be huge and you deserve that shit cause it's a struggle to stick to this!! Make more of these at home exercising video PLEASE & THANK YOU!????

Hollywood18Star says:

#Motivation #LizFitFam? #GetYaShitDone? Thank you so much for the Video!!

swaybaby1 says:

Thank you for your videos ma, they give me motivation and hope? you look great and you are beautiful regardless of what you weigh??

Maribel Camacho says:

How much do you think a person should weigh to start Weight lifting?

Viviana Santos says:

I really like your videos because you do keep it real. I've never commented cuz I didn't want to deal with people's B.S. but whatever idc, as long as there is a chance you will see this, another positive comment and definitely a subscriber. I've been inconsistent with my workouts but I know that if I stay on track I'll see more results cuz I have before. Thank you for the videos that you post and I wish you could be my personal trainer lol you seem chill af. Can we workout together? ?

Roxanne Beltran says:

You motivate me to work out and I will soon try these at home workouts for sure ?????????????????

Yenilyn Portuondo says:

yessss love you!!! im on my journey as well & your videos are great ? can you make a what I eat in a day video?

simplytulips says:

Did your voice change when you lost weight?

Noeli Perez says:

Thank you so much

Zamila says:

Yay another video! I love that you’re straight up real! Congrats on the subs you deserve it! To be honest i missed the roosters ? ???

sieanna Hernandez says:

Thank you so much! Your so inspirational?

Vanessa Gonzalez says:

You should try alot of running and sit ups but continue squats

Maria Martinez says:

I found you a few days ago and I'm sooo glad I did ! You're such an inspiration! I'm starting school next week which means I can use their gym for free to start working out after class ??

TheEliteShow says:

I love watching your videos because it's obvious that you're being transparent with us. You're actually aiming to help people instead of solely trying to attain a personal gain from Youtube and I think that is Amazing! Your videos are inspiring and we can see that you're a real person achieving real results which is very hard to find on here! I wish that more people knew about this channel! Keep it up! 🙂 <3<3<3

Allison Linebaugh says:

Thank you for inspiring me!!! Love you ???

Pretty Face says:

I have been trying to message you on snap chat but u never reply so I'm going to ask on here please tell me how u lost you're belly fat as it's so hard for me to lose it ?

Brittney Bridges says:

You are so effortlessly inspiring ! Thanks for sharing your journey and keeping it ?

Lauren Azua says:

You’ve been motivating me to keep on pushing to my goal ?

Tilla Munster says:

Dude you're so inspiring. I definitely wanna give these workout routines a try. I weigh about 240 rn and I've always wanted to lose weight my whole life but never really had motivation or goals. After watching this and seeing how dedicated you are, shows me I can fkn do it. It's possible. Thanks again dude! Ps you're way cooler than Crystal Breeze haha

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