Banners Broker Report 7.26.13

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Close Banners Broker report as of July 26, 2013. The most current, up to date information you’ll find…

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Jeanne Praamsma says:

Thank? you for the update

Pawan Sharma says:


Al Sills says:

Carol, I tried? to be balanced; people NEED to know the risks, but after all… doesn’t EVERY venture have risks?

Malia Manners says:

Great? video Alan. Thank you very much!

Carol Reed says:

Hi Al – I really appreciate you making this video available to share. It just pulls all the positivity about BB together, so we can now once again move on with this great company. I have already passed on to my team members and I know it will? put a lot of minds at rest.

alizcool1 says:

light at then? end of the tunnel

Philip Beaton says:

In my experience BB? have always overcome their difficulties and produced some good quality solutions to them like the old server speed which is now very fast. I would rather they took their time overcoming difficulties and doing it properly than trying quick fixes over and over again 🙂

Grace Ogole says:

Thanks D for this update. It gives some of us hope? after a lot of frustrations. I think there is light under the tunnel, we just have to be patient with CM. I have forwarded the video to some of the affiliates.

Thank you once more.

Al Sills says:

Agreed Dennis. There are many junctures where Chris Smith could have shut the? doors – but he did not. In many key areas he has been a man of his word. I look forward as well to seeing Banners Broker become a solid company AND one that will lead many to financial freedom.

Ljubomir Ruskaji says:

Thank you Alan!? Great video 🙂

Dennis Cole says:

Hi Al, thanks for your input and information regarding your take on the future on Banners Brokers new version 3 program. Lets hope that? all the delays and negative opinions and doubts are dispelled with and we can all get back to a positive future and can comply with all the legal requirements to enable BB to grow and provide a fantastic opportunity to create a platform to grow additional income online.

Stenia Chwat says:

Thank you Alan for the? video.

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