banners broker version 2.9

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Close Banners Broker version 2.9 takes everything to a new level – I have several members in my group already exceeding the…


Al Sills says:

Troy,? you’re right, lots of negativity – and that is consistent with much of society as well, no? And… you’re right, you need to know what you’re doing in Banners Broker to succeed – which is why I have such solid training for my team. You CAN and ALWAYS WILL be able to grow a banners broker account WITHOUT recruiting. I have many affiliates doing JUST THAT! I will be updating here and on alansills(dot)com as news comes in.

Al Sills says:

Making general statements like “they are blocking accounts” is frankly moronic. Any account blocked has been done so because the? individual VIOLATED terms and conditions – simple as that. I monitor HUNDREDS of reports from affiliates daily – people ARE making money and people ARE getting paid – period.

Troy Pringle says:

Obviously there are a lot of negative comments floating around. I know they are just bumps in the road. People should educate themselves first and get a good sponsor before jumping into BB. It’s those people who make the mistake of not knowing how to? run a BB business. I read something about needing 30% coming from referrals or something like that. Sorry, if that doesn’t make sense. Really, that’s all I know about it. Can you still run a Banners Broker business with out having to refer others?

Al Sills says:

You are NOT an affiiliate of your bank or water company – the comparison is not relevant. IF you represent a company and MIS-represent that company (including bad mouthing the? company) they have every right to cut off an affiliate that is not worth keeping around.

nikaileen1 says:

They are blocking accounts if somebody spoke negative about them,well you can see a lot of bad forums about banks energy,water company but they don’t cut you off ??so what make? it different with BB

Al Sills says:

do you see where googles advert’s are? i’ve? seen the bb adverts – go to my page and look for the post that SHOWS them and shows WHO is advertising with BB

Al Sills says:

controlling cashflow does NOT make? it a ponzi scheme or a scam

Russell Stewart says:

Great Video Al,? well done!

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