Banners Broker Video #2 by Nurse Angie

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Close Click this link to join. This is video #2 for BB and getting started. In this video I will explain the purchasing your f…


Angela Mcallister says:

Well getting the premium is the best if your serious about making money. But either one is ok. I started? out with a basic but i am now at premium. Blue or Green package for the basic package or Premium i would get at least the Blue package. Your ultimate thing is to eventually have 100 yellow panels and 100 purple but that will take time and money. you can click on the link above under my video if you have not joined yet 🙂 See you on the inside. P.S. I also use this to earn money for EN

kman915 says:

Hi, I’m planing on starting with $200, What would be my best option? Would standard be better or premium??

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