Best ASMR Microphone? SR3D Pro Test & Review! Better Than a Binaural 3Dio Pro?

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Best ASMR Microphone? SR3D Pro, Is it Better Than a Binaural 3Dio Pro?

This is a test of the new SR3D Pro Microphone. This is an affordable binaural microphone which is great for ASMR and uses the same microphone capsules as a 3Dio microphone but cost much less.

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NEW ASMR Binaural Microphone! Whisper, Ear Massage, Thank You Patreon Supporters!

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Grace gazingatbeauty says:

By the way I got such chills at 9:26!

Grace gazingatbeauty says:

I've been noticing lately that perhaps the gain or something is down on the 3dio? Your earlier videos with the 3dio from 2015 and 2016 are much more vibrant than lately. And your boycott video is a bit more vibrant than this one. This is not hate, sorry! Just thought I would mention it. I think the 3dio is so great and was wondering why it was sounding flat lately.

DIY's W/ Vanessa says:


actinggirl124 says:

Love the windshield/ ear muff sounds

MrFredstt says:

Quick question for anyone out there, why does the 3dio sound so different dependng on what. channel you're watching? Like, on some channels it sounds like trash and on others it sounds amazing

kitty loverashlynn says:

please don't smile at me like that…..

*REDFOX* *Recess* says:

Não entendo nada, mas ainda assim é mt bom

Valerie says:

talk louder please (yes Ik this is ASMR but I have volume on high and can't hear you at all)

Zeet says:

this is the weirdest subculture I've ever seen.

Rant God says:

i cant get tingles from channels with real fancy mics. i get more tingles from people on iphone recordings

Temmie-le 21 says:

So sleepy I'm surprised I was able to comment this

Nerdynessocity says:

I am glad I am not the only one preferring the SR3D. The 3Dio has more gentle sounds and the SR3D is a bit rougher, so things sound more "crunchy" (for lack of a better word) with the SR3D. I hope to see many more videos with the new mic and after your try many triggers with the new one you may find one to be better than the other for certain triggers. I am excited for future videos. Also, I think I had the strongest tingles in a long time with the new mic.

Kika Singer says:

I like the regular 3do

Daphne Bella says:

Fuzzy balls?JUST PUT MY CAT ON IT he loves getting massaged.

Time Paradox says:

How do you whisper that quietly? ~Christ~

n o y a says:

i prefer the sr3d

BandB1111111 says:

3:15 Tribbles! Keep then apart!

louis stussi says:

WTF too much high frequencies !!! it's fucking horrible.. where the mediums ????????

Rosie was here says:

I don't know if I'm getting tingles or I accidentally left my window open upstairs again

Kaelyn Rose says:

I was finally able to experience tingles again I love this video and the slime

google is free says:

sounds very crispy but in a good way (not sure how to explain)

Monique Stark says:



A TeeVee says:

I prefer the SR3D, the slime sounds are A LOT more detailed ??

???? ????? says:

????? ?? ??????

Krysten Zwierschke says:

i like them both equally . Making videos on both would please everyone , and its variation having two different mics

mauiblackcat77 says:

The SR3D microphone is far more realistic than the others heard so far !! I've enjoyed this video a lot and I can not wait for a new video like this !!! Thanks for this wonderful relaxation! 🙂

Murat Ovuc Fan Club says:

she looks like Goddess???so beautiful

Chaz Cameron says:

i think its great you like making mouth sounds videos, some asmrtists make them and it is obvious they dont like it and it makes for an awkward video and not very relaxing x

(no hate just a personal observation)

Swedish Gamer says:

You have a joker smile, and you constantly smiling as joker too.

alleycat307 says:

When it comes to ear rubbing I definitely prefer the 3Dio

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