Best Diet For Weight Loss!?!

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After losing 100lbs, I am always asked, what is the best diet to do. I explain exactly my take on that in this video!
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Cristina Estrada says:

While on the “fizy unique plan” diet (Google it), a couple of my workmates lost around 13 lbs! Soon after hearing about their results, I decided to research this plan on google for myself, and I shed pounds myself as soon as I started following the “fizy unique plan”.?

Christopher Tradeshow says:

It said I should eat 2,725 calories a day… that's a lot tho?

Samantha Ward says:

This is a very concise guide to quick weight loss. By restricting carbs and eating 3 meals a day along with exercise, you can lose weight. I bought this [] to help guide me through weight loss and I found it to be the perfect way to get me started. I chose a couple of my favorite meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then just repeated them throughout the week. For me, that was easier than preparing each meal. To me, as long as the general guidelines were followed, I felt I was still going to have success. I have only been on this plan for a week, but have lost 7 pounds already. I have increased energy, either due to the daily walk each morning or to the lack of sugar "ups and downs". But, whatever the reason, I feel great.?

Evan Lants says:

Is this for one whole day @fat meets fire?

Nemz Lord says:

How to lose weight without counting calories though?because counting calories for long run doesn't sound realistic. I mean day in and day out counting everything you eat. That's too much.?

luvmymare says:

I must be missing something….265lbx14=3710-500=3210. I don't eat that many calories when I eat whatever I want. I would gain weight if I ate that much. Is this calculation correct??

ERD Epoch says:

Could you please put that formula in the description? Was alot of info rather fast. Thanks.?

Brandy Sjogren says:

Best dieting video I have ever seen! Thank you!?

Mr. Doodad says:

I dig your videos man! I Just started losing again! I lost all the way down to 243 from 320 a couple years ago. But didn't make the lifestyle change your talking about. I'm at 278 right now. Thank you for these vids. I kinda look like your before pic right now. Very inspiring!?

AltNRG Account says:

best diet for weight loss is the keto diet hands down. ive lost 15kg in the last 22 days with 1 hr exercise a day on the cross trainer. Low carb is for super fast weight loss. Once the weight is lost eat what you like but with one simple rule: Any weight gain more that 2ky over your target weight must paid for in gym time to return to your target weight immediately.?

Brenda Abruzzese says:

love this video!!!!!????

Inoxent Larka says:

Nice video sir.
sir I want to make intro like your channel intro?

Jeremy Delid says:

Thank you for the tips. :)?

Durex 23 says:

I'm 150 so 150×14=2,100. 2,100-500=1,600 is that good?

MrElectricpop says:

Im around 260 and i only consume around 1200-1500 calories is that bad…. Or should i continue?

Fruitbike545 says:

Woah. Richard Scott? Was that a quote by Richard g. Scott by chance? As in the Mormon apostle??

Daniel 1 says:

I'm 243 and that would mean 3,300 I'll get soooo fat even if I eat healthy?

Savej Blaque says:

what is that bear in the background…I want one?

MreXcite says:

This can't be right.. 130 x 14 – 500 = 1320..?

Raza Ansari says:

Watching this video I really want to share this because I spent years jumping from diet to diet without acheiving any real results until I discovered Dianas magic plan (google it). It is without a doubt the best weight loss that I have ever had and I have kept it off to this day.?

Addy bear says:

thank you…so so so much. you have no clue how much this hs helped me?

cameron james says:

I downloaded myfit app and realized i was about 1500 calories under my goal for losing 2lbs a week. I ate around 1100 calories. At the beggining of my day I felt alittle slugish but i ate and after felt like I had drank a few redbulls. All im eating is healthy food like chicken, eggs vegtables. I did realise I should up my calories a bit tho because I walk 5-6 miles a day at work and also started going to the gym.?

All For You. says:

Good advice?

CyberCanadian says:

I agree with this video.?

Retho says:

I've been watching these videos and enjoying the ideas, its just so hard to take that step to get out and get started.

I am the heaviest I have ever been. 185…ok I did weigh 195 for a little while (I am a girl, 5'2). In the past I was a steady 160… which wasn't ideal, but now it is what I want to get back to at the very least.

My problem is that I am the type of person who doesn't want to do anything in front of other people, I don't want people to see what I do and I don't want them commenting on what I am doing. I need privacy while I work out and while I do work or hobbies in general. I'm also the kind of person who doesn't do things out of the ordinary because I just don't want people to talk about them (my mom got angry that I went walking one time and threatened to kick me out). Its hard. And on top of that I really have no money and I live in a small town 🙁
I really need to break this mental barrier.?

Soham Makwana says:

All of your videos are great !?

TRANE says:

Holy shit I calculated in kg and my intake was 1100 ? thnx god I read the comments its lbs?

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