Body by Vi introduces Vi CRUNCH!

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The company behind the 90-Day Challenge and the Vi-Shape Shake is now bringing something completely NEW to the table. Introducing Vi Crunch — a protein supe…


Kim Burger says:

Nothing like a Super Cereal to? start out your day!

Rigo Benitez says:

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Krissy Richard says:

I? tried this already!!!! It’s amazing!!!

Andy Brandy Mercer says:

It is so good!!!

Julie Badger says:

Hope it? is coming to the UK

Kyle S says:

I? bet it will kick granola’s butt.

MyViDiet says:

Can’t wait? to try it! 🙂

Kevin McGonnell says:

It’s sooo? good!!

Jeana Sweet says:

Can say its great stuff.?

awc1100 says:


Krzysztof Kawulak says:

looks great?

TheCureZone says:

use? the visalus shake mix witth water as milk alternative ?

thats far out!

James Jackson says:

This is great.?

Clive Allison says:

Perfect for those who want to have something to eat for Breakfast and a Vi Shake? for lunch .

Will D says:

working wonders once again great? product guys

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