Breaking MLM News: BidiFy Owner Frode Jorgensen Has Passed Legal Issues In The USA

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Close Zeek Reward’s competitor, Froge Jorgensen, has had passed legal issues as former CEO/Owner PlexPay Network.


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AntiPonzi says:

Bidify is a collapsing pyramid scheme!
Check “reach” for and at The pyramid scheme and its penny auction ‘product alibi’ is in full collapse.
Concixted pyramidster Frode Jørgensen has been involved in numerous pyramid? schemes and Ponzi scams the last 10 years: The 5 Percent Community (T5PC), World Games Incorporated (WGI), People in Profit System (PIPS), Plexpay Network, AmityFunds, JuuGo, Bidify. All have gone down the drain.

AntiPonzi says:

Members who have paid in lots of money are complaining about not being? paid.
This is no surprise, as Bidify is run by convicted criminal Frode Jørgensen (2 1/2 years prison sentence in Norway for establishing and operating the illegal pyramid scheme Plexpay Network).

Jamie Atkinson says:

Im sure that this company whom I have invested $1500 (BEFORE the changes were made) will drop like a? hot sack of ‘Sheet’…. I have not sold the concept to ANYONE since the ‘new’ and ‘better’ comp came in….. I’m making no more than about 75 cents a day on the initial $1500!!!
When the points compounded it made sense…. now it only makes a few cents!
Bullshit restructuring, CEO’s bailing out…… just taking us like lambs to the slaughter!

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Zeekrewards stole there compensation? plan from this company..theres already 75,000 affiliates

AntiPonzi says:

Have a look at “Reach” for at
Interest? in Bidify dropped sharply around 20 August, when ZeekRewards? was shut down, and it is still declining.
The pyramid/ponzi Bidify is going down the drains!
Not surprising, when one knows that Bidify is run by Norwegian convicted pyramidster Frode “Fraudy” Jørgensen.
He was sentenced to 2 1/2 years prison by the Norwegian Supreme Court in 2009, for operating an illegal pyramid scheme, known as “Plexpay Network”.

Alexis Rosado says:

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Todd Hirsch says:

You still “promoted” Zeek Rewards as a “safe company” If you are saying that you are only a journalist then you are also saying that you missed the mark on Zeek Rewards by a long shot. I can not believe that you did not know it was a ponzi from the? start. You are either a lair or a terrible “mlm journalist” Your “reviews” on Zeek Rewards helped people to load more and more $10,000 investors in Zeek Rewards. I am sure you made profits from that one way or another.

Todd Hirsch says:

Bidify is not shut down, you tard. Bidify is still going and they only made the comp. plan better. @Troy Dolly.. I know you claim to only be a “journalist” but…. you did “promote” Zeek as a safe company and you helped people get sign ups in Zeek Rewards. I fully? believe that you knew it was a ponzi from the start.. if you did not then you are saying that you are a terrible judge of any mlm program.

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AntiPonzi says:

On 17 August, the US SEC shut down the pyramid/Ponzi ZeekRewards, froze its assets (company Rex Ventures Group), and charged its owner Paul Burks with fraud (running a Ponzi Scheme).

Bidify was a smaller copycat of ZeekRewards, run by Norwegian convicted pyramidster (2 1/2 years prison) Frode Jørgensen.

With the SEC shutdown of ZeekRewards, Frode & Co have obviously felt the? grass burning under their feet, shut down and probably done a runner with the money (to Panama?)

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maxwellali says:

Hi dude. Just wanted to check is bidify legal in uk?how would i check??

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Debbie Pomerantz says:

Thanks FF for the proof read, appreciate it!?

fartface0469 says:

“Plain” my proof reading is done for the day.?

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AntiPonzi says:

If a person is trying to recruit people into joining and paying money to an apparent pyramid scheme, the fact that he has prior convictions for operating a pyramid scheme, is a very clear warning.
Analogy: Would you give your house keys to a man convicted of theft? and burglary?

In addition to the prison sentence from Norway, Frode J has Cease and Desist Orders from Alabama and Kansas because of the Plexpay scam. The C & D from Kansas includes a fine of 50 000 $, which? has not been paid.

AntiPonzi says:

Not connected with any pyramid scheme, or other competitors to Bidify;
However, it is fully legitimate to warn people against putting money into schemes which appear to be illegal, like pyramid or Ponzi scams. The fact that the operator has a prior criminal conviction for fraudulent activities, is a valid point in such a warning.
So Frode J has a good lawyer? Well, so have other criminals who can afford it!
Other pyramids & Ponzis have threatened lawsuits? against critics, and failed miserably.

Debbie Pomerantz says:

Attention AntiPonzi, Are your related to the other guys or just a plan old sour ass who wants to ruin a legally operated solid company, that has good business practices with the best lawyers at hand? You should retract your accusations, and delete your posts, your horrible words will come back to haunt? you, I can guarantee it. This is so wrong, you might be liable for a class action law suit!

AntiPonzi says:

Bidify is run by Frode Jørgensen, former CEO of? the Ponzi/pyramid scheme Plexpay Network, with icelander Larus Palmi Magnusson.
On 20 September 2005, Plexpay was raided & shut down by Norwegian police, and Frode J arrested.
On 15 Dec 2009, after appeals, the Norwegian Supreme Court sentenced Frode Jørgensen to 2 1/2 years prison for operating an illegal pyramid scheme.
He has also run the Ponzi/pyramid schemes AmityFunds and Juugo.
Don’t pay money to criminal pyramidster Frode Jørgensen!

stevedavisatlanta says:

I wouldnt trust? this guy….Plex Pay was a HUGE ponzi,

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