Breaking MLM News: Federal Complaint Alleges ViSalus, Sarnicola, Mallen With RICO & Corp Espionage

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Close Ocean Avenue, Fred Ninow & Ken Dunn filed in US Federal Court yesterday allegations that , Sarnicola, Mallen on behalf of ViSa…


Troy Dooly says:

This is a troubling situation and is not good for any involved. ?

sean farry says:

Allegations are simply allegations and can only be treated as hearsay at
this stage. A lot of companies would love to go from $7m to a $1bn in 3
years when they dont…they can act like a scorned lover…hell hath no
fury…like a lover scorned..?

Dawid Lipinski says:

Wow these are some hard things to swallow about Visalus after how well
they’ve been doing… All good things come to an end? NO, unless you put
your distributors and customers last in your priority list. You be the
judge. ?

Bruce Fowler says:


MLM Recruiting Online says:

Crazy Stuff?

Troy Dooly says:

Josh, how many years has it been since you have been in a Dunn
organization? And do you believe folks can change? Many times I have Dunn
say publically he has done some stupids things and was a jerk in the past.

josh drewien says:

You have great content btw

josh drewien says:

Lol always the secrets right lol

Troy Dooly says:

Josh, Max is all news and we have covered that more than once. Right now
the newest news is that another Network Marketing company now controls a
Max position through a forfeiture, which is another really strange thing to
see happen. In other cases, the Network Marketing company stepped in and
paid the claims to keep the trade secrets, secret.

Troy Dooly says:

If you are referring to OA, I would say since this is their first year it
is like all network marketing companies in their growth phase with more
distributors than customers. Which was exactly where Vi was in their first
year of business.

josh drewien says:

Its nothing from what i “hear” it is from Personal experiences.

josh drewien says:

There are a few things with Max international that were some scandals, pm
me if you want to know more.

Troy Dooly says:

Now as for a criminal investigation, that may or may not be public
depending on what agency is involved. Based on the civil complaint, there
are at least two citizens of Calf., involved and one or two international
people involved. I will see if the attorney will provide me additional
information on this question.

Troy Dooly says:

Ron, I am ot sure what you think you heard, or where you heard it. I have
NEVER stated I saw a video on the break in at OA. I did however mention the
Exhibits attached to the lawsuit which show snapshots from the surveillance
footage at he OA offices. I did also mention that the person was identified
based on Exhibits attached, as working for ViSalus security team with Huck

Ron Pruett says:

Troy i need to know why you are telling people that you watched a video of
the break in at OA. You also went to say that the person was identified as
the person that was Hulk Hogans bodyguard. Well if that is true with video,
there should be a formal public police report and the police should be in
the process of apprehension of said assailant in the break in. Can you get
that info. Especially the public police report. I look forward to your

TheCleanseCoach says:

Curious – what is their customer to distributor ratio? Always love to learn

Own From Home says:

Great video Troy.

Troy Dooly says:

I see where you are coming from. However Empower Network is NOT a company
that would be seen as a direct sales company. It does use a
multi-level-marketing compensation structure but is seen as a hybrid
affiliate program. I can provide many IDS, but even those do not represent
the whole industry what we need to be able to do is break the industry down
among all types of direct selling companies, not just one or a few. The DSA
site is the best location for US numbers.

Patrick Babcock says:

I said: “…what you say is generally true and anyone around the industry
knows that roughly 97% of all participants do not make a profit.” I just
tried to post an Empowering Income Disclosure Statement as an example of a
highly recognized and popular company which corroborates my statement but
evidently links cannot be posted; they can be found however. Can you
provide a company published IDS which highlights a significantly greater
success rate please.

wellnesspays says:

Thanks for sharing. Any company can be a target these days.

Troy Dooly says:

🙂 Can you please provide official documentation on your 97% failure rate.
Because your statement is false based on the official documentation
provided by the DSA and the IRS.

Patrick Babcock says:

There is One op out since Sept 1st that does exactly that Hard Ball – it
sells products which Customers use to make money with. Not by ‘sharing the
product with other people’ though there is also a separate and very robust
Affiliate opportunity. You can find your way to it from my channel if you
like. But what you say is generally true and anyone around the industry
knows that roughly 97% of all participants do not make a profit.

Troy Dooly says:

All good my friend. At times due to the actions of individuals any industry
can look bad. Sports figured murder someone, politicians cover up affairs
and kickbacks, and short sellers call us ponzi and pyramids, and then from
the inside lawsuits are filed and accusations are made. But all in all this
is a great profession. The days of covering up and hoping something will go
away is over. With regulators looking at everything we do, if we do not
hold each other accountable they will.

J Hall says:

Please accept my apology for the strong use of words. I will hold to what I
said in that this post and video only makes the industry look bad. But to
take your advice I will check you out a bit further. Before now I have
never heard of you nor your cause. So at current you only seem like a
Visalus bashed and industry guy who just made the industry of marketing
look bad all the more.

Troy Dooly says:

How is Vi a scam? They may have issues, but I would not call them a scam.
As a matter of fact their customer to distributor ratios may be some of the
highest in the industry.

Troy Dooly says:

Now one-sided is correct, since at the time of this video, ViSalus had not
put out a statement. SInce then we have published their statement and shot
a new video at Nick’s request on the lawsuits ViSalus has filed against
former promoters.

Troy Dooly says:

ROFLOL… You really need to slow down and learn a little more about who I
am and what our organization does inside of the direct sales profession.
Since the majority of the videos we shoot are positive and not critical,
and the fact my clients are all direct selling companies or independent
professionals, your statement is without merit or foundation.

Troy Dooly says:

Interesting comment. The direct selling industry is very strong and will
continue to grow. This video has nothing to do with bringing down an
industry or the very community that makes it great. As a lifelong member of
this community, daily I work at both advocating its greatness and wok at
making sure we hold each other accountable for our actions. If we do not
self-police this community, then the regulators will do it for us.

jacques hall, jr says:

If some clown could convence the masse that Delta Airlines is unsafe and
all of there planes would fall out of the sky…. that would crash the
whole airline industry. The point is…. go after the big boys to take down
the industry….. clown!

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