Breaking MLM News: MonaVie Executive Calls Zeek Rewards A Ponzi

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Close Randy Schroeder North American President of MonaVie calls Zeek Rewards a ponzi which will be shut down soon. MonaVie also suin…

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gdixonregeneca says:

so? true helping each other instead being crabby people!

Michael Flores says:

Zeek Rewards would be a typical Multilevel marketing company. It was easy to understand and it had become likely to close. I’ve? got a video that shows people things to search for when looking for a company. Appreciate your video. Continue the truly amazing work.

Paul Muammar says:

Troy is just waffling and? not bullshitting us all! Zeek is an allegal ponzi scheme as has just been proved. How much were Zeek paying Troy?

Matt Powers says:

Don’t? you look dumb?

Craig HILL Jarrod Wilkins OG DIAMONDS says:

Troy He knew it was a PONZI ! You knew too!!! He told the truth! You? were a paid MOUTH PEACE! 5:16 TO 7:45 You cut a deal!!!!!!!!. If you didn’t know then you don’t know Sh^T!

instillation9 says:

!!!?? Send the North Carolina Attorney General an email from their facebook page.? Trying to get them 20,000 messages today !!!

address: budurl_com_/rr8n

Johnny Belsome says:

They are sending mine on Monday also. I ask why so long?? Response was overwhelmed with request. Some 500,000 re requesting MBF form to get there money. Here is the address to request your form. zrowesmemoney@gmail

Sarah Keefer says:

hahahaha!? Troy you are a dumb ass!

kandydavins says:

I hope people listened to you, what a classic ponzi? pyramid scheme!

Henry Valenzuela says:

Thanks Troy – you’re doing a great job in? opening peoples mind, God Bless You!

MrRudydb1 says:

The Attorney’s General office has opened a hotline for concerned Zeek Rewards affiliates or retail? customers, which can be reached by calling (919) 716-6046. No need to panic!

craigcreationz says:

I allways knew Troy was being paid to Promote Zeekrewards and smash all the other Penny Auction Companies, Now look what happened. Zeek is the only one that was shut down with all their so called compliance, i called this months ago. My friend said he just went to the main office, and people were there moving out? Boxes and Boxes of Paperwork. Dawn and Paul might be in Honolulu right now sipping Pina Caladas, lol

TheAHBidsChannel says:

Please don’t? cast stones if you don’t have? the facts from all sides. Zeek is going through a compliance investigation and if they are found to be a ponzi then they will be duly shut down, if they are on the up and up they will be fine, reopen the doors and come back stronger than ever.

popitn2nd says:

now he has the right to sue zeekrewards. because that company has shut down. zeekrewards is? certainly a scam.

Larry Bradshaw says:

Zeek gets shut down by the AG in North Carolina?

Larry Bradshaw says:

I guess Troy is? a liar after all supporting Zeek

CyberMarketing17 says:

take a look at Troys video? titled “Zeekler Penny Auction House Numbers Show The Real Story Behind Zeek Rewards.”

CyberMarketing17 says:

“the right to free speech comes with consequences.”? Well said.


Thanks Troy, I am a Zeek affiliate, but I must say that I do have some concerns about where the money is coming from. I have not bought a lot of bids yet, but was planning to buy a substantial amount in the next week, the only thing holding me back is I still have a hard time believing that the penny auction site can maintain all of these affiliates. Do you have any info that? may help? Should I go to Lexington and talk with someone? I live in NC.

Rick Parker says:

Troy,? on behalf of myself and my outstanding, fast-growing team here in Orlando, Florida… Thank You! Thank you for shooting straight and giving us the facts every time. I appreciate you willingness to confront anyone at anytime when you know you are doing the right thing. I refer to your videos often and I look forward to the next piece of the puzzel in Zeek Rewards, which you will undoubtedly report on as soon as it launches. God Bless… Team Orlando

harmoniejuices says:

Thank you so much for sending positive vibrations to people in MV? and Zeek. You are so spot on with keeping this industry as clean as possible. The more negative stuff out there is what creates a bad name for this industry that so many people don’t already understand. I feel like everything in life -things come and go, that is just nature. Thanks for keeping our leaders in this industry in check as they have important roles to keep us moving forward as one of the most incredible opportunity’s.

amishwafa says:

im a monavie before, but i quit of paying the membership, then u have to maintain points to keep active, then i can’t even sale? the product….tired of their autoship

Gilmar Marinho says:

The truth is that new things appear on the Internet every day, and is a revolution happening in MLM. The MLM companies should review concepts and observe trends and increases it. Long ago I knew the word “tools” as a physical thing that could extend to the human body by? increasing your strength and ability, but today there are tools and virtual realities that challenge our acceptance of new products.
Zeek is trend. hallelujah

thedreamincome says:

@ Randy
If you really? did your homework on Zeekrewards and read the income disclosure statement you would see a majority of the people join Zeekrewards for FREE spent no money out of pocket and they earn money. I know for a fact people can’t join Mona Vie for FREE and earn a income.

@everyone else
Do your homework yourself make a judge for yourself instead of listening to someone trying to scare you from not leaving there company.

Mike Bertram says:

I left monavie cuz it was next to impossible to get anyone to pay $140 a month for juice, and pass out $30 samples. Their products ARE the real deal. But people just aren’t willing to give up their smokes and beer to buy juice!
Since then I found ZeekRewards. I now have 30 people under me, and growing every day? ! And they DON’T make you spend $140 a month to stay active! Join Zeek!

Tim Schultz says:

Thanks? Troy, you are much appreciated!!!

djtavi77 says:

awesome video as always,?? ur awesome! thanks for telling the truth no matter how hard it is.

Patrick Hebert says:

In? Prelaunch? start at the top

Daniel Gaudreau says:

From Québec Canada Zeek Rewards Team, Thanks You.? Your speach is good!

Veronica Servera says:

it’s an overwheling observation and fact that most mlm companies are linking themselves to Christ and message of relationship? building, to only allow the greed of competition to distroy all possibilities of anyone reaching our dreams but in the end it crushes them with comments and reactions like these.

Hal Kocher says:

Troy, thanks for the video. When I got in Zeek, I watched your videos first. I believe you are honest and report the facts. Thanks for all of your reporting on networkmarketing. You are an? asset to the industry

Jason Regalado says:

Shame on Randy Schroeder. MonaVie has an amazing product 2nd? to none. The leadership however, is falling apart & it couldn’t be better evidenced than by Randy’s poor choice of words. Great job Randy on getting all of the distributors that knew nothing about Zeek now less focused on autoship & more focused on an oppty that is by far the most lucrative in the industry of MLM. Proverbs 13:3 He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.

Mick Karshner says:

Troy, thank you so much for taking the time to dig up the facts. I have been following you for awhile now and am becoming a bigger fan all the time. I love your no B.S. attitude! You are a good man. Thanks for all you do for us distributors in all companies across the board. I agree, we need to all work together in this amazing industry of Direct Selling. I wish? all distributors in all companies the very best!

Many Blessings,

Cody Montarbo says:

Sorry wrote above comment on? my roommates account. Sorry about that. I’m your fan not Bunny…lol.

MsBunnybaxter says:

You are the most well? balanced,intelligent, unbiased spokes person I have ever herd. I appreciate how you are so well equipped to handle the FACTS and to keep our minds open to the TRUTH. Your an idol of mine and I’m glad I have recently found you, your insight and your guidance.

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