Breaking MLM News: Numis Network Merges With World Ventures

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Close Theis merger is one of the most unexpected between two companies. But it very well may turn out as one of the most powerful of…


Bill Garner says:


I am so excited about having Numis join with World Ventures! World Ventures has such a tremendous culture. It’s been my network marketing home for three years now. Can’t? imagine going anywhere else!

Michael L. Mattos says:

Love the positive spin and review on both? companies, thanks for being YOU!

Dale Myers says:

Thanks Troy…? I am a rep in Numis….Love the merge.
TRAVEL + COLLECTIBLES = Entrepreneurial Formula for Success.

Kevin Thomas says:

Great info … thank you?

Troy Dooly says:

Matt, thank you my? friend. Ya’ll run a great ship!!! Always here to serve!!!

Matt DiMaio says:

Troy, as the former VP Marketing for Numis Network I want to thank you for your kind comments. Once again, you are right! Numis was extraordinarily blessed to have some of the most amazing producers in this profession as representatives with us. It’s great to see them given the ability to have World Ventures as their new home.They now have a wonderful new opportunity to employ the skills? they’ve gained during their association with us… and enjoy a Happier, Wealthier Life.

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