Breaking Zeek Rewards News: RVG Receiver Kenneth Bell Accepts Over 135 Settlements With Net Winners

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Close This new court filing is the first we have seen of the Zeek Rewards Settlement Agreement, and it is the first time we have see…


Claudette Roodt says:

Thanks? Troy.

Troy Dooly says:

Shaun… Understand where you? are coming from.

Shaun Oakes says:

Net winners .. Net losers … We where all in this to be Winners…
If we only had the chance !!
I feel for all of us.. 🙂

Thanks? for a great site Troy …

Elior Alayev says:

Thank for keeping us updated Troy!?

Cheryl D says:

Seriously!?!!?? Only 40%-50%?? I cannot believe this. Do you know why they keep so much? What’s so dang funny is that Zeek didn’t hurt anyone… The FEDS hurt us. Have a great day, Troy!

Troy Dooly says:

That is a great question? and we are all waiting for the answer

Elior Alayev says:

When will? the receiver begin paying back?

Troy Dooly says:

@Divabikinis, I understand your frustration. But in reviewing the amounts from each settlement, most were small and it does not look like any huge? lifestyle spending. I think those might be the big net winners who he will be going after now.

Troy Dooly says:

Worknads… Can you provide more details? From reading through the paperwork filed with the Courts, the Receiver and his team have used very little of the assets of the estate. It seems that in the first round of claims people could get 40% to 50%? of their money back. Plus he just gained around $1.8 million in assets.

worknads says:

Receiver Kenneth Bell? and his team – are swindlers and thieves. Hide behind their power. They live on the money of members Zek. The longer investigate – the more they steal our money.

divabikinis says:

They spent the money on their? Bullshit fake lifestyle to enhance recruiting. He should have insisted on it all.

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