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A grand jury has indicted the trooper who pulled over Sandra Bland for perjury. No one else has been charged in this case.
The mother of a black woman found dead in a Texas jail after a traffic stop says a perjury charge against the white trooper who pulled her over is “not justice.
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FULL Sandra Bland Jailhouse Video
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Jail Video Proves Sandra Bland was Alive During Mugshot Photo
Mindless Behavior – Bland Date
Dashcam footage showing the arrest of Sandra Bland, the African American woman found dead in her cell last week, has been released. Report by Mcnallyc. Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/itn and follow us on [More]
Sandra Bland left a weary-sounding voice mail after her arrest for a Texas traffic violation, telling a friend she didn’t understand what was happening to her and couldn’t believe she was in jail. Click here [More]
A state senator has said that he does not believe Sandra Bland deserved to be taken into custody.
Over 24 hours after dash-cam footage of Sandra Bland’s arrest was released, we’re still left with more questions than answers. The original footage may have been edited, and new information has been released that questions [More]
New theories are circulating social media that Sandra Bland’s already dead body may have been posed on the ground for her mugshot.
Video shows Sandra Bland being dragged out and away from the police vehicle. Some say shows already dead.
A police dashboard video released Tuesday shows how a routine traffic stop escalated into a shouting confrontation between a Texas state trooper and a black woman who was later found dead in her jail cell. [More]
Dash-cam footage of Sandra Bland’s arrest has been released by the Texas Department of Public Safety. It shows Bland being pulled over for a simple traffic violation, then an altercation begins when she’s asked to [More]
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Las imágenes difundidas por la policia de Estados Unidos muestran el violento arresto de Sandra Bland, la mujer negra hallada muerta en su celda en Texas. La mujer, de 28 años, fue detenida por no [More]
Sandra Bland Stonewall, Texas Traffic Stop Dashcam Arrest Footage Un-Edited (Full Video) (49 Min)
The Texas Department of Public Safety published the full police dashcam video Wednesday showing the arrest of Sandra Bland in Texas, who died three days later in a police cell. Photo/Video: Texas Department of Public [More]
Footage of the July 10th arrest shows Sandra Bland’s car being pulled over for failing to signal and then an ensuing confrontation with the officer. US officials have denied editing Texas police dashcam footage showing [More]
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