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In today’s episode, XHIT expert trainer Rebecca-Louise will make your abs shine bright like a diamond. If you’ve been wondering how to get a six pack, look no more. Our Rihanna Abs Workout targets the [More]
It’s all about the booty today on XHIT! Watch and learn how to tone and lift your butt using just a few exercises. Fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise is here to help you guys get that lifted [More]
Sign up for our newsletter: http://goo.gl/UwnMd Subscribe: http://goo.gl/qR0gi Alright guys, you’ve been asking for a static stretching routine either to do before a workout or to cool down after a workout. Well today fitness trainer [More]
On today’s episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you a fast-paced abdominal routine that will get your heart rate up and flatten that stomach. All you need is a floor, a mat, and about [More]
Want to learn how to tone that upper body? You’re in luck—today on XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise takes you through a routine designed to burn fat and build muscle in your chest, back and arms. [More]
You dont have to buy fancy weights to slim down and tone up. Today on XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you how to make a cheap alternative to
Fergie has one of the most desirable bodies of any celebrity. Think she gets those results from eating Cheetos and sitting around all day? Not a chance. In this 5
You dont have to be a world champion tennis player to have killer arms. Today on XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise walks you through an exercise that will
Hollywoods hottest actors spend hours preparing for their roles. Natalie Portman is no different. In addition to her ballet training, Natalie adhered to intense
Rebecca takes your daily shot of XHIT to the next level with the Cardio Jump Training Day Workout. This crazy exercise circuit is just shy of seven minutes and is
XHit hits you with intense, full-body workouts five days a week. Get addicted. Sign up for our newsletter: http://goo.gl/ZCKdn Stay tuned to our channel for more episodes: http://goo.gl/c6p4j 1. XHIT Sandbag Workout http://goo.gl/Lwx0r 2. Hot [More]
Can you train as hard as U.S. Special Forces? Find out by attempting our intense Green Beret workout, which will whip your discipline and body into shape
The thigh is one of largest parts of the body, yet it is also one of the more difficult parts to exercise. We all want to get those athletic, toned inner thighs and today
As we enter into the first leg of the new year, lets focus on making that a strong leg! Heck, lets ensure that both of our legs are strong. Carrie Underwood has
Santa Claus gets one heck of a workout on Christmas Eve. How does he maintain the strength and stamina to deliver all those presents across the world?
Everyone wants toned arms, but it takes more than desire to achieve your goals. Today on XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you how to work those
If you want to look like a Victorias Secret model, you cant just buy the sexy lingerie. In todays XHIT episode, Rebecca-Louise shows you how to tone your