Dating A White Girl: Episode 2

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A Sarah Sunshine & Aaron Michael King collaboration! Check out Aaron’s channel for the rest of the episodes:


ThePlasticBowl says:

lol themquestions she? was askin

TheAdrianMc says:

Good one Sarah! Keep going with these shorts! There is? definitely a lot of fuel in the “Blonde white girl department”! lol

Vance McLeod says:

lmao very? beautiful and funny keep rockin tht white girl swag

LittleMuffinComedy says:

You guys need to keep doing these how did you all? meet up

GadgetUniversity says:


Lawrence Bland says:

LMFAO! Funny. This one takes the “Dumb Blonde” to a? new height! lol, very humorous!

BigFootsDick GoesFirst says:

This? is accurate.

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