| DAY 1 | Women’s FAT LOSS Workout AT HOME! (Hindi / Punjabi)

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Women, primarily STAY HOME MOMS often struggle with weight issues due to time restrictions.

We thought to shoot a video that can help ladies in losing fat at home with basic moves.

This is DAY-1 workout, perfect for starters!

Hope you like this video.

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Kartara Singh says:

hindi punjabi bolde te ho ni ik gal bol dende ho bhaji jedi gal english bolde ho plzz ohi gal hindi ch te punajbi ch v boleya karo chenal da naam te hindi punjabi da hain te boli sari english hi hain tusi bhaji

kulthoom mangera says:

when will u start to notice a difference

Jasvir Singh says:

cant concentrate on sir's words..becoz of the girl…she is not serious at all…she is taking it as fun..but viewers want to see serious fitness videos

Anjali Jain says:

me being 75 kgs not much time to work out as my exams are coming I am just 18 help me out somehow

sandi s says:

that exercise of abs is very hard for me i cant take my leg up ?

Mr Zee says:

is it for men also

Sharp Eyes says:

sir kiya ye workout wo girls kr skti hn jo weight loss ni krna chati ?

Amarjeet Kaur says:

ki tusi apna what's no des sakda ho

Md Amiryar says:

Can u guyz please make a schuld of eating for those girls whom have stomach problem & doesn't have much time to workout!

ifuckinhatethisvideo says:

this girl is fucking irritating….my condolences for the guy who puts up with her shit

ifuckinhatethisvideo says:

dude ur arms are gross…..sirf bicep curl hi maarta rehta hai kya, ya synthol hai yeh bc

Foodie kitchen says:

Hey whr is day 2 n so on videos?

Pakistan Abdul says:

Please tell us meat diet

Pakistan Abdul says:

I like it and I can do

Afshan Malik says:

what's best tym for these excersize?????

Nimmi Nath says:

Trainer is extremely good!

sad shahid says:

which time is best for exercise

Ilma Shuza says:

Hi there!

The workout you shared is good but you forgot to show cool down exercises; cool down helps to reduce the sourness of muscles after workout. You can write the name of cool down exercises I shall do the rest of the work.

Sukhi ji, I love your fun loving attitude and naughtiness.

T srikanth says:

im suffering from blood clotting and I want loss my weight around 90 kg . I have belly fat and thighs. what I should do bro

Danish Qureshi says:

Ainaan dae baray ich koi ghalt gal na kareyo juttaan dae putt aan assi dil tay lay lainay aan. Kamal. Veeray bht hi vadiya bnda van tu. thumbs up.

Kounj Sikander10 says:

this excerise for one day only??
on 2nd day do 2nd exercise??
please clear all …

spring time says:

constructive criticism……please explain properly…you are talking fast like a chuchu train!! you gave me a headache! Get rid of this girl..she is annoying! you have the right idea on what you are trying to do but you need to refine yourself and be a little more professional. It will be so much better for you. Your videos will be even more popular. thanks

Bilal Sabir says:

nice work for domestic ladies ???

Deepali Verma says:

really enjoyed this workout…you both are superb ??and fun loving person..?
here's your new subscriber 🙂

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