Denise Austin Pilates: Hips & Thighs

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Denise Austin Pilates Hips & Thighs will trim your waistline through isolation exercises that will melt inches from your thighs and blast away cellulite and fat.

This workout is from Denise Austin’s DVD “Best Bun & Leg Shapers”.

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Andrew Flood says:


James Reyes says:

I love you Denise Austin, I've been a fan of yours for nearly 25 years and I'm happy to get into the fitness craze including yoga. Thanks with all my love.

Joanie Adams says:

i just have a problem with the WIDE open leg. its just vulgar and too fast

skandaliczny says:

Thighs QUEEN :-)))


M. Austin I love you I have been watching you when you and Gilad came on early mornings regular T.V. you look timeless and inspiring

PrincessZorlon says:

the transitions are a big too fast and some of the exercises are unrealistic…. Should be labeled advanced

Julia Aref says:

Good exercises, thanks a lot

xFenkax says:

jezu, jaka mameja

Anila Azam says:

I love this but feel there should be more time allowed for transition. I am still getting into position while the next exercise has already started!

Knotty head says:

I want a bigger hips and slimmer waist

Lucyna Chojnowska says:

Really nice workout 🙂 Easy and peaceful.

Arianna S. says:

How long will it take me to trim 3 inches off my hips with this? I would do 2 rounds of this a day.

britney branch says:

If you drink like a gallon witch is how much you are suppose to everyday it can really help with your energy level. It also helps to get a breakfast cereal that had ALOT of vitamins in them like for example "Kookies" from Millville .

dilho says:

 Just Go And Google Skinnimaker System and you will find out why particular foods 'explode' in your stomach.

jamiekrista says:

This ones the best!

Leoti Bennett says:

Hi!  I love Denise Austin and have for years, but this video has too little transition time.  Usually we get some warning about what's coming next.  I have to keep stopping the video to catch up and it disrupts my workout.  More time at the beginning and transitions please!

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