Despacito by Luis Fonsi | Club FITz Fitness Choreo by Lauren Fitz

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Song “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi
Thumbnail by Robert DeLeon @


JAM Jonie Miller Zumba - Wichita Kansas says:

Glad you finally have a cleaner song.. too bad everyone has already been doing this one. Not being rude but I love most of your choreo not the songs so nasty!!! Mostly

ItWillRainXO says:

Thank you for not using the bieber version haha this one Is so much better!

Ursula says:

Videno no disponible ?

Bonni Roller says:

I LOVE this choreo!! Very Latin feeling with some heat. Not too s€xy, just enough s€nsuality! ?

Chris Bellevue says:

Lauren always lookin' so cool and chill

jzad511 says:

TFS. where is Kelsi?

Becky Ross says:

Oh hell ya Lauren!

senseofpeace2 says:

Go Lauren! I love your joy. Get it, girl. I am dancing with you.

tsrnfy says:

cool choreo
you can fit in the frame if you move away from the cam a little

Lucy Mtz says:

I love this too! Love the view as well.

Gaesla Bottle says:

video no disponible 🙁

Mackenzie Newsom says:

Loved this one! What a beautiful background!

??????? ???????? says:

????? , ????? ?????-?? ????????????!)

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