DIY Rubber Band Vase | Pinterest Truth or Fail? #1

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If you’ve ever tried a Pinterest project & failed miserably, this is for you. The DIY Rubber Band Spray Paint Vase is a popular pin, but does it work? I trie…


themoshimonsterful says:

Crayon? melting photo

Jackie Garcia says:

DIY headband;)?

ForeverSunny627 says:

Haha same here(:?

Maria Falcon says:

Can you do the crayon melting thing when you glue crayons to a canvas then? blow dry them?

simpleDIYs says:

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. I washed the glass prior to adding rubber bands & spray painting, but after that no? washing is necessary.

Evaa1008 says:

I saw a tutorial on youtube somewhere where they used small pieces of tape. maybe that’s an idea? It? gives the same result 🙂

biezaishu1988 says:

you can cut the? bangs and remove them~~

Hannah bubbles says:

try making a flower crown? please 🙂

ThePrettyButterflies says:

i? fail all the time!

Kelly O'Brien says:

i love this idea!

Yvelisse Schnaus says:

I love the idea of you trying out Pinterest? projects! You’re awesome!

saleha khan says:

Plz try making a? seat with a swimming tube and fabric

EternallyImperfect says:

Try making a bowl out of sand and mod podge or glitter or fake need an inflated balloon to! Ive seen the glitter one? and sand one on pinterest but the leaf idea came from someone using mod podge to add the leaves to a jar for fall decor!

TheTurn1up says:

Do putting a picture on a? canvas

hippos4lyf says:

can you test out the thing where you use mod podge to glue fake leaves onto a? balloon then pop it so that its a bowl? Idk if I explained that very well

4301penguin says:

it actually works! ive tried it before, but you have to be gentle to? get a perfect line

nurlagrande says:

Wait so…if you wash it under water the? paint comes off?

Grace Vall says:

Glow stick pool thing?

amzystjewel says:

you should do some? hair stuff!

theverydaytalkshow says:

Spoon? mirror!

Jocelyn Plaza says:

the vinyl record bowl. !?

Phoebe Hed says:

Tries making a sand bowl. Total fail!?

simpleDIYs says:

I’ve never heard of that one? before, but I’ll definitely look into it.

simpleDIYs says:

I tried that as well & they snap when I cut them so I just? prefer removing them by hand. But that’s definitely another way to do it!

simpleDIYs says:

Thank? you! I’m glad you liked it. More to come soon 🙂

simpleDIYs says:

Yes indeed? 🙂 Born and raised!

MultiDinasaur says:

Please ? a DIY for men and great videos (:

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