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My name is Sean Nicholls and this is a video review of a MLM or Network marketing company called Visalus.
I have worked in Network Marketing myself but in the last 3 years I have focused more on Internet Marketing and have found it to be potentially the best platform for making money today. However it has been a hard road. I have spent 100s of pounds on courses that were either scams or were not complete enough to be able to make money out of it. So my computer hard drive is full of incomplete courses that have given me information overload and a state of confusion. You may have been down this road yourself and therefore you may know how I felt.
As I have said I have worked in Network Marketing and therefore I am in a position to give an honest opinion on this company and the internet marketing business itself.
This is a net work marketing company founded in Michigan in 1997. The vision for the company was to incorporate passi


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