Dr.Larry Bland/president Obama

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Dr.Bland speaks on how and why President Obama had go to go To work right away to save Amercia as we all know it From going in to deep,deep Money troubles.


Madz280 says:

Ethopia is another country that has never been conquered? or colonised

Lawrence Bland says:

Becoming? China already? is. China, if I remember correctly, is the ONLY country that has never been conquered by any other country, ever. At least of all the Major countries.

Madz280 says:

why does? he have ear phones in his ear

Madz280 says:

Hello Dr Bland, hehe. China is becoming like a world? super power.

Lawrence Bland says:

I agree 100% and not just because this is my dad! Proud of you pops! 🙂 Think about? it, what he just said really makes allot of sense.

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