Dr. Oz Discusses The Importance of Sleep, Prostate Exams and Is Eating The Booty Healthy?

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Our resident doctor, Dr. Oz stopped by to chat about the importance of sleeping well, how old you should be when you start getting prostate exams and is eating the booty healthy for you?

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tekenny says:

14:48 "put the finger into the uterus" ?? lol funny mistake

Shelly-Ann Morgan says:

Ass eating, whacky and nasty. The anus is full of bacteria no matter how much it is washed. These bacteria helps the normal flora of the body.

Vanise Ashlee says:

when cthagod says love head contact in high school ROFL wayyyyyyyy off topic

OVO Bimmy says:

Y'all gotta get him on once a month fr

roxxane Perez says:

lmao the finger thing lmaaao

Johnny TopFirst says:

I feel like envy just wanted his doc to dig in his ass smh..

bossmusic212 says:

This is like the fifth time he said that joke on this show

Shanice Brown says:

he's talking so fast that his tongue cant catch up

Chino Gambino says:

Dr. Oz look like he been smoking Oz's

Adam Paolella says:

Angela's "friends" clitoris was lowkey her own trying to get a health check without visiting the doctor lmao

Adam Paolella says:

Angela talking about sex before sleep lol uk that don't apply to you Angela why you even asking

Jazzy Belle says:

6:36 mind=blown

michelleodrama says:

That "lady" with the big clitoris is probably a hermaphrodite

Shane Phillips says:

i would love one of the sleep monitors. i sleep and then 3 hrs later iam up again

SeekoGT says:

Watch me while I'm sleeping?! This sounds like some deep shit. Someone could straight come and abduct you if they could see you sleeping.

Innuendo Hazbarz says:

the movie was Road Trip not American Pie

Abigial Rosser says:

I know when i get my sleep i feel x10 more confident,more creative, alive and younger tbh 🙂

Incredible Na says:

LMAOOOO!!!!!!! 12:20 killed me.

JD says:

yall making oz look at penis's and vagina's yee is lowkey weird

Marcoldies12 says:

I'm still going to eat the booty. Not every woman I come across to but some

Mylifo08 says:

Eating ass is so trendy right now

DEM Pro says:

why didnt yall get Dr. Sebi on here? smh. too late now

Traxx says:

Dr. Oz is a G hahahah "Just make sure he dont have 2 hands on your shoulders" I love this nigga ?

Nitro R says:

I am convinced that Angela yee likes ass play she always talks about fingering a guys ass


That clit was so big he was stuttering

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