Drill Instructor gives civilians a taste of Marine boot camp – Delayed Entry Program

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Drill Instructor gives civilians a taste of Marine boot camp – Delayed Entry Program

U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Michelle Vazquez, an Orlando native and drill instructor assigned to Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, S.C., gives female enlistees in the delayed entry program an idea of what to expect while aboard Parris Island during a training event at Recruiting Station Albany, Watervliet, N.Y.

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Credit to Sgt. Matthew Callahan.

Video created under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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ZIPPER978 says:

female DI lol so cute

Phillip Larson says:

Man, their voices are gonna be gone when they get old. Their poor vocal chords

thedjartillery says:

Walking like a soup sandwich.

Ives the terrible says:

Wheres the shower scene? just for studying purposes

paul Consignado says:

She is UNSAT lol What kind of fucking walk is that. She walk like she is in the hood WTF.

Og maco Sheesh says:

Females in the military is so utterly stupid

Thomas Savoca says:

My son is in the DEP…

shawnwwe says:

I have absolutely zero respect for that kinda behavior and foolishness….what a pathetic life they have.. Most likely a loser and bullied in high school and barely had a gf. A normal thinking sane person would never ever be talked that that, let alone freely join the military to be spoken that way as an adult by another adult, not even in the military.
Makes you truly wonder how the human mind is, to be alive and to enjoy to yelled at by someone with most likely a below 100 IQ Yeah join them and mop the floor like a pathetic fool and make a bed like your a hotel maid, what a beautiful life….
and be talked to, yelled to like you are a Jew yelled at by Nazi soldiers….
Irony is, these are Americans, joining the force and being talked to by another american lol
No wonder they take in folks who barely got their GED
Kinda like cops, outside their uniform in their private life, they are literally a NOTHING

Dengeki says:

if liza koshy did military stuff

TJ Buddy says:

lmao I want that cute latina the one with sweet looking eye brows )))

Hanah Magloire says:

why is there so much screaming? I don't understand

chris dominic says:

Black girl in the orange shirt has a tongue piercing… WHY?

Dante1255 says:

these are women. watch how the men do it

Arn ulfo says:

Her hat looks funny at 1:54. Ha HA

ghosty tigger says:

It honestly looks more adorable seeing a small angry woman then it being scary

Alphonse Zamora says:

Am I the only one that has volume troubles????

ok ko says:

1:41 wait a fucking second,you're saying me that the girls training with a tongue piercing,what the actual fuck?

????????? ???????? says:

whining 3 year old is wat they sound like

Jacob Densmore says:

Anyone saying female drill instructors are not real drill instructors have obviously never interacted with a female drill instructor. Their voices are like banshees. Scary shit

MixX Lag says:

Girls so cringy

Gott Mit Uns says:

she is the worst di

K Mckivey says:

haha im sorry call me what you want but no…women marine dont go together sorry.

John Hamilton says:

why is she walking like someone stuck a pencil in her butt?

CyRixULTIMate says:

Brainwashing nice

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