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http://znzoneleverage.blogspot.com (256) 434-1251 Znz Ninja is overly complicated, hard to explain, and I could no longer feel right promoting it because of …


jazyskowski says:

Chris? has a very low threshold for frustration. Now, instead of simply marketing whatever he has moved on to, he feels the need to discredit our system, and attack me personally, which should tell you something about his character. Our system makes use of 3rd party affiliate programs but I can’t control their actions or decisions, or if someone doesn’t do things correctly.

GetPaidToLearn101 says:

Cool video. With ZNZ, you only get paid from your personal efforts, AND any time you help someone get started you’re creating your own competition! That’s why you have so many “drive by enrollers” who sign people up, make their money, and then you never hear from them again. They don’t want YOU to succeed, because the more successful you are, the? fewer customers there are for them. But with the ZNZ-Ninja system, they’ll get paid for helping you succeed and make money when you make money!

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