Episode 123 :: Pinterest

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http://theartofphotography.tv http://pinterest.com/tedforbes http://twitter.com/tedforbes Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the biggest social networks. F…


Nigel Rumsey says:

Ted, you’ve got me completely and entirely hooked on Pintrest! As a visual person, ever since I’ve been using the web, I’ve been looking for a visual bookmarks, scrapbooks, whatever you want to call them. And? here they are! Brilliant. I’m so hooked my first instinct was to try to post this comment there. It’s like a revelation!

WorldTUDown says:

I like pinterest but I wish they let you create more than three private boards. A lot? of my close friends don’t want to be bothered by all my photography pins.

[•] InFrame Imaging says:

Have a look at Tumblr as it is? perfect for photographers

Mihai Moldovanu says:

thank you for the? episode!

Frederic Charpentier says:

So now I had to open? a Pinterest account. Thanks to you… :o)
Hope mine end up to look as good as your.

LomoMop says:

What are? your thoughts on Tumblr?

Braeden Vandygriff says:

Great episode!! I love? watching you!

Jeremy House says:

Hey Ted, great episode as usual! I started using pinterest a few months ago and found it was quite useful for inspiration.? For my bookmarking, I like to use pearltrees also. You can use anywhere and they too have an add-on for most browsers that makes “pearling” your favorite websites easy. You can make your own categories and sub-categories, it’s pretty cool, check it out if you get a free moment.

elbryan9 says:

You know, I had no clue what? this website was about until just yesterday when my sister introduced me to it. I thought it was interesting but didn’t really see much use for myself until today when I watched this video. So now I’m gonna go make an account.

[•] InFrame Imaging says:

Bookmarked Ted in my Pinterest. Under “Talented People on the? Web”

Xavier Ancarno says:

I follow you on Pinterest… Beautiful? board btw

eupraxis1 says:

great stuff. I started? an acct.!

Joonas Puuppo says:

Thanks, I think I’m going to join Pinterest right? now!

Palmstar125 says:


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