Family Guy – Lois gets Fat

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lois gains weight
lois fat

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bmorebruh says:

"There were so many boobs I didn't know who's boobs I was grabbing, your boobs or my boobs." ????

ElmasThick! says:

I fucking hate Lois

Jolyon Adeney says:

I love pointy boobs

juses crust says:

my teacher is fatter than Louise she's as big as the entire school and my high school is like a mall

Kaitlin Hensley says:

Giggity, giggity, giggity goo stick around ?

DevilishJasper says:

Skinny Lois is hotter

Lois Griffin says:

Oh my god was I really that fat!

Jared Rangel says:

"She's got elbow clevege"!! ?

?CinnaWhiskey? says:

Oh God family guy look what you've done this is a fetish for people and not only that the force feeding is also I wish I never knew this

Jacob Wageman says:

Hahahaha wow peter look who's talking you fat fart. "your fat" pshh wada dick.

CG Bull says:

I would reck that chick.

Jasmine Gorman says:

Peter:Men aren't fat only fat women are fat
Feminists: heavy breathing

Jadzia Cruz says:

upload full vids

The Sole Warrior says:

Dam right its better than yours

XItaSasux4ever12 says:

Which episode is this?

mitchell pratt says:

Oh yeah I would wreck that chick ?

Ajaws2414 says:

"I would do everything to her, I don't care what she looks like. I would wreck that chick"

The Goodies Geek says:

And at the end, somehow, she still had the gall to point out Meg's weight flaws.

Dana McDowell says:

"I would WRECK that chick!" ?

black puta says:

she's ugly when she's fat and she's ugly when she's skinny

Phillip Rivers says:

Black Joe at the prison? Ahha

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