FAT BURN TOTAL BODY FOCUS // 6-Week Body Toning Bootcamp #3

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Time to turn up the heat and BURN SOME FAT! These are all fat melting, cardio moves that will lean you out and make you sweat! But there is NO JUMPING involved!

You will do each exercise 45 sec through with 15 sec of rest in between. For a full 28 minute workout, you must repeat this sequence 4x through…PIIT style!

Your 7 moves are:

1. Lunge Kicker Right
2. Narrow Squat Pulse
3. Lunge Kicker Left
4. Squat to Side Kick Right
5. Full Squats
6. Squat to Side Kick Left
7. Front Kicks

The 6-Week challenge is to do the workout of the week (28 min) at least once that week. Do that for 6 consecutive weeks and you will be so much more than bikini body ready…you’re gonna be life body ready!

All music from Epidemic Sound: https://goo.gl/Nj4ZMg

My outfit & yoga mat are from: http://www.popflexactive.com


Cassey Ho is an award-winning fitness instructor, entrepreneur and online personality. She is the creator of Blogilates, the #1 female fitness channel on Youtube. In a revolutionary partnership, Cassey’s unique format, POP Pilates© which launched on Youtube in 2009, has become a live class that can be taken at every 24 Hr Fitness gym in the US. She’s the author of the best-selling book, Hot Body Year Round and is the designer of her own activewear line, POPFLEX.


Blogilates and oGorgeous Inc. strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise.

You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Blogilates and oGorgeous Inc. from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Blogilates’ and oGorgeous Inc.’s negligence.

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Helle Garfield says:

I really feel like this workout is (mostly) about you believing in yourself than having the strength to do it. You constantly think "I'll have to stop, I can't finish it." But in the end you end up finishing it anyway. That's really where I feel my improvements. The challenge is not my body, it's my damn head.

Nightmare Annimations says:

lunge *pushes down everythin behind me * kicker! *kicks everythin in front of me *

Allie Davis says:

I love this! You have such a vibrant personality! It got my 2 year old kicking with me too.

jayanti barick says:

love you mam

jayanti barick says:

cassey is my favourite exercise teacher

Jose U says:

ok, here's my situation: started training with blogilates early jan 2017. everything was going smoothly training every Day and all that, but in march, i stopped doing it as often and then stopped completly. today i decided to pick up from where i left but realised by The half of The second time i played this i'm breathing heavily and feeling deazzy :/. i'm such a cow!
on The other hand, it's fall where I live and i just don't know what to do to find The motivation to train in the cold weather. do you have any tips to help me overcome this? thanks.

Letween Nic says:

Narrow squats are the worst of the worst omfg

Lucy Holland says:

I am sweating so much right now!! I am loving this body bootcamp, it is kicking my little ass!!

tosheky 4452 says:


dolfijntjelove says:

Hii Guys! I just wanted to let you know, if you're just starting. Get trough with it. I'm following the May calendar and this was the very first video. I only could do 3 rounds with stops when I started and now just 16 days later I have completed it 4 times with only 1 break. Believe in yourself and don't be to hard for yourself

Ella Linnea says:

my leggggs oh my gosh

Michaela Lindgren says:

Was 4 rounds of squats really necessary after butt day?! ? couldn't one of them have been mountain climbers or something! Knees, quads and butt can't handle! I'm sweating good though ?

Fernanda Ferreira says:

January 17th! 4x

kimberly champion says:

just finished 2nd round and I'm dying!!! So.many.squats!!! My 5 year old just told me she knows I can do it, so I better make her proud.

Radostina Bogoslovova says:

I just finished Round 2 and I'm dying, but I'll push myself to do another rounds because I love working out. For others scrolling comments while doing this workout: YOU CAN DO IT!!! JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!


May 17th 2017

Bambi Beautmountain says:

been doing the whole May calender and feeling weaker everyday?! Whats wrong with me? Please, I need some motivation ..

Johanna M says:

There was nothing for the upper body

xxeerryyaa says:

Love your work out videos, Cassey! They're so easy to follow at home 🙂 and don't cost an arm and a leg like getting a gym membership or taking yoga classes!

Revathi Ajayan says:

This got me sweating real hard ! Good job Cassey ?

E Vids says:

Good work out i want to loose alot of wait and be like you ? ??

E Vids says:

I fell on the floor at the end of the video

Halima Abubakar says:

Watched 50 sec and hit subscribed cause like yaaasss!!!

Slamere Gemini says:

Love your Video's, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the ocean in the background!

Samantha Schmidt says:

LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. Deserves more than a "like" more like "killed it" button!

Sweat it Out says:

Hey guys! I'm a new blogger starting out and I would really appreciate if you checked out my Instagram! It is @just.sweatit ??

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