Fire Watch In Boot Camp

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My opinion and experiences with Fire Watch in Boot Camp!
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Emmelyne Mauricio says:

Can you make a video on the requirements for the Marines. I'm just in high school & I really want to be prepared. Thanks

Robbie& Walker says:

@Noah Hose Hey, so could you tell me your haircut because I cant get mine right… Maybe a video on yours and some haircuts that are good for Bootcamp?

akidim13 says:

You are a boot , fuck it , embrace that shit

busukevm says:

I love that caption "the platoon was not at pt".

iSayUhhhhh says:

So would it be a good time to write letters during a fire watch shift?

Mo Money says:

Who leaves November 27 to PI with me?

steve b says:

Wear your old, nasty St. Louis Cardinals cap.

TheOnlyInformant says:

Also for my platoon we weren't allowed to sleep under our blankets, so the 15 minutes before lights we would get out of our sleeping bags and throw them into our LB packs and put our boot socks on.

TheOnlyInformant says:

My scribe put down the recruits that messed up first and anyone the SDI or killhat said to put on the rotation, and then he picked from the order he may have had in his head. The scribe and I were cool but in order to keep the recruits from trying to abuse the scribe the SDI would stand around making sure every recruit signed the firewatch list so that the scribe couldn't change it afterword.

Deimos says:

Why does this guy look like he's the neighborhood kid that's obsessed with sports, steals your footballs and will snitch on you for anything?

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