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I am getting my body ready for the summer so I decided to do a prep of my meals to help with losing some extra weight.

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Ashley Nocera says:

What is your favorite heathy food to eat???

Liz Vogt says:

did you get your lashes done?? they look so good!!?

Tasha Hernandez says:

I'm all about them spurs!! I live in SA so it only makes sense

Megan Crochet says:

I can't help but to laugh when you said "Last but not least I'm going to sprinkling a little antonym with my cinnamon" ? Your last meal prep video had me dying laughing when you said synonym! ????

Andrea S says:

What a great video I lack in food prepping this will help! Thanks Ashley

Natalia Mendoza says:

Go Spurs Go

Caroline Perkins says:

you should definitely do a full back workout video. thats my most trouble-some part. its always the last part to lose fat.

Nichole Palmisano says:

Do you count macros or calories or do you just "clean eat"?

Dorito's vlogs says:

dame you thick

ReneGade Relish says:

@Ashely Nocera I know you're very much into health you should try this product call Purium. I promote this product and it is a life changer!! everything about Purium is organic. and helps you shred wait fast, if your looking to lose a few pounds. let me know if anyone would like to try it that is interested. Such an amazing Product. anyone can contact me on via Facebook @ Paul G Grala anyone is more then welcome to DM me for more info!

Khushil Solanki says:

Hey ashley i just wanted to say that you video motivates us every singe days of our lives!!!!!!!!!!
So thank you so much for motivating us every single days of our lives!!!!!!!!!:)

Josiah Stringer says:

Hey Ashley can you pls tell me the name of the song that was playing, when you were doing pull ups. Absolute banger. Love you vids btw. 🙂

Michael De Ocampo says:


Corinna Beza says:

Golden state warriors girly
Love you girly ????

Sheelah says:

Ashley I am a new subbie but I just wanted to say you are easily one of the best fitness tubers ive ever watched. You are so positive, happy and uplifting gurl you are just a ray of sunshine!

Vanessa Delacruz says:

Can you please do a what I eat in a day? Thank you! ? your channel!

Nikki Love says:

Do you eat your brown rice plain? Any seasonings?

Jason Ganzy says:

I cook my chicken in a slow cooker. It is worth the wait. I can't do anymore dry ass chicken! Ashley you don't have a rice cooker? Odd! #Cavs#Allday

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