Future Marines Get a Taste of Marine Corps Boot Camp Training

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Future Marines Get a Taste of Marine Corps Boot Camp Training
00:00 Recruiting Station Baltimore (4th Marine Corps District)
01:54 Recruiting Station Portland (12th Marine Corps District)
03:09 Recruiting Station Buffalo (1st Marine Corps District)
04:10 OATH OF ENLISTMENT (Recruiting Station St. Louis)

Cpl. Brandon Thomas, Sgt. Taylor Morton, Sgt. Bryan McDonnell, Sgt. Bryan Nygaard and Lance Cpl. Kyle Welshans

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binh phung says:

"Your volume is now at 3. You'll be at 20" haha

Mark Angel says:

Marine still aint shit i wouldnt want to earn a tilte i wanna be something without a title thats why i chose the US ARMY

Army National Guard says:

I hope army is easier

That random vlogger Mav says:

A school bus …………..

Endless Beauty says:

LOL @0:55 "Don't you ever scratch!! Stop scratching you understand?!!

Lil Mermaid says:

I would never last I'd be laughing my ass off in the bus

ky ler_macIntire says:

Just had one of these out of RS Albany. Good times!

Lily Da Squid says:

I'm a girl,I'm going to try to ear the title of a marine,but What I don't agree with is when people give "special treatment" to the girls.we don't deserve to have nothing easier,if you can become a marine and live up too the expectations,good for u!if you can't,too bad.

Joseph Lewis says:

2 of my Drill Instructors r in this video. My Kill Hat Sgt Day and my Knowledge Hat Sgt Kim.

Carson Gentry says:

I know that Drill Instructor he is actually a really funny guy. When that hat comes on it's all business though.

Aaron Thomas says:

The Marine Corps…. the only branch to have the pre Recruit Training Recruit Training.. hahaha. Semper Fi!

Anthony Broaddus says:

That's cheating. They're getting a head start. Me no likeey.

Eric B says:

That looked fuckin' dumb.

JENDALL714 says:

Nothing ever really prepares you for Boot, because if you know you are going home at the end of the day, it makes it much more easier to get through, rather than being stuck there for 13 weeks!

JENDALL714 says:

I remember when I went to boot in the summer, you were not allowed to slap the mosquitoes from your face, because they have to eat too!

Lingxoidong Trungdiobing says:

They are all black people

niko siolo says:

Just seen my drill instructor ?? OORAHH

Bill Huber says:

this gives these kids an eye opener . the military is no video game . kaos is king ,and out of kaos comes order !!!!!!!!!

Perverted Puppy says:

0:07 I went to cross land highschool with him small fucking world Oorah

Conewood WR says:

I'm currently a poolee and I haven't done stuff like this yet, I think in May we might.

Revelian1982 says:

02:47 — I'd laugh and get kicked out if they did this to me.

Markie says:

Oh boy it is my dream to earn the title of a United States Marine.

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