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Close Get paid to pin on pinterest through Pinbooster. Sign up here to get started Keyforcash is now Virtualbee! …

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Super2moms says:

As far as making money? from Pinbooster, you will need to wait until an advertiser offers you money to pin stuff on Pinterest. You can check your Pinbooster account periodically to look for new offers.

ambermwalker26 says:

I have a pinterest account and pinbooster account. Do I need a special invite to get things? started?

Super2moms says:

You can sign up for Pinbooster and wait until you get some offers from advertisers to pin stuff on Pinterest and earn a? little extra money.

TayTator says:

I’m? confused? I already have a pinterest account, now what do I do?

Super2moms says:

Pinterest has changed their rules. You will need to be one of my followers from social media like Twitter or FB for me to be able to send? you an invite. You are welcome to follow me and I will invite you to Pinterest.

504dawn says:

Hi thanks? for the info… can you please send me an invite

bluesapfire17 says:

Hi, Ive singed up with pin-booster over? a month ago and I have not had any advertisers contact me my price per pin has not even been calculated. Does anyone else have this problem?

Super2moms says:

Pinbooster deposits the cash into your bank account after you have earned $100.? I am not sure about Stripe.

Super2moms says:

Hi Demetrius, they have changed their policy and now I can only invite people from Facebook or Twitter. You can follow me there by searching for Workersonboard and? I can invite you. Sorry.

Super2moms says:

Hi Joshua, you can follow? me either on Facebook or Twitter by searching for Workersonboard and I can invite you.

Super2moms says:

Hi Takesia, I can only invite people from Facebook or Twitter. You can follow me on? either one and I can invite you. You can find me by searching for Workersonboard on either one. Sorry about this.

Super2moms says:

After you sign up, you will have to wait until they have something for you to pin and take the offer. Check back periodically to see if you have any offers? available. When you do, you will earn money each time you pin something on Pinbooster. You can try Viraliti as well.

2idream says:

I went to Pinbooster to sign up to pin to get paid. I already have a? Pinterest account it don’t understand I have a account what do I do now

Takesia I. Reid says:

I am interested in Pinbooster? Pinterest invite requested?

Demetrius Pearson says:

Hey Alicia, Here is my email? for Pintrest invite.

Demetrius Pearson says:

So sorry! Here you go.

Joshua DeHart says:

I would love to start doing? this, I do need an invite but do not want to post this on youtube, is there a way I could send it to you without it being out in the public eye.

Super2moms says:

Hi Demetrius, I will need your email address in order to send you an invite for? Pinterest.

Demetrius Pearson says:

Hi Belinda, I must admit,? you have very cool info, and keep it up. 1 question. Can I get a Pinterest invite please? That would be great. Thanks!

TheLove1622 says:

What is? stripe? Also does pinbooster pay by check as well? I am very interested.

Super2moms says:

Thank you so much for watching and for your comments. I hope you find a work at home job too. Keep? me posted.

magnet972 says:

i like watching? your videos.. i am in full hopes to find a work on one of your related links 🙂

Super2moms says:

Hi Belinda, Pinbooster still needs Pinners to post stuff? on Pinterest. When there is something available for you to pin, you will see it when you log onto your dashboard. You will just have to check your account periodically. You may want to try Viraliti or Mylikes because they will also pay you to share stuff on social media.

Belinda Whitmore says:

Hi Alicia, is pinbooster still hiring I just signed up and? nothing happened, I have no code. I am already a pinner

Super2moms says:

Just sent you an invite for Pinterest. Please check your email address for your? invitation.

Super2moms says:

Pinbooster pays through Stripe.?

Kisha Richardson says:

Can they pay you through pay? pal ?

Super2moms says:

Thank you so much? for watching!

LucyFortuneMakeup says:

God? Bless You for posting these videos

Super2moms says:

Thank YOU for watching and for your comments.?

ptwisem1 says:

Thank you so much for sharing through your videos.Very kind of you to? do so.Glad I ran across them.

Super2moms says:

Hi Eduardo, I just? sent your invite for Pinterest.

Super2moms says:

You are very welcome.?

Super2moms says:

I just sent out your invitation to Pinterest. Please check your? email for your invite.

Super2moms says:

Hi Eduardo, I understand. Yes I have a few that you can try that I think you will like. Bubblews, Slicethepie, Humanatic, Clickworker, Mindswarms, Postloop, Amazon Mturk, and Virtualbee. You can earn some extra money doing this in your spare time. If you need more leads, please watch? my latest YouTube video or go to my blog at HomeBased Mommie or my official website at Workersonboard.

Annastasia Crenshaw says:

thank? you so much

Eduardo Espinoza says:

send me an invite to pintrest. thanks

abialex says:

send me an invite plase. thanks

Eduardo Espinoza says:

i would like to do pinstrip ?

Eduardo Espinoza says:

hey alycia hi. im new to your channel and i would like to ask you a very serious question. do you have any website where i can legitimate make some money from home? ive been ripped off many times for thousands of dollars and ive had it! im not looking to get rich quick, but i would? like to make some extra cash. could you provide me with some real info? thanks much appreicated.

Super2moms says:

Hi Jolanda, I just sent your invite for Pinterest, please check your email address for your invitation.?

Super2moms says:

You may want to try Humanatic, Clickworker, Virtualbee, Bubblews, Slicethepie, UHaul, Amazon Mturk, and I have even more listed on my official website. These are just a few you can try right away.?

Super2moms says:

Hi Annastasia, I just sent your invite, please check your email? address for your invitation.

Annastasia Crenshaw says:

hey can you send? me an invite my email is


Hi, Alicia, I would like to get an invite to pintrest, my? email is, thank you.

Tiandria Richardson says:

Can you? assist me with how to write blogs please? Thank You very much

27twilkes says:

Im depressed struggling student who can’t find a job or online legit job PLS? HELP

Super2moms says:

Hi Tiandria, thank? you so much for watching. You might be surprised to know there are several companies that actually hire people to work from home. I hope you find something that suits you. Please keep me posted. Have a great day and thank you again for your comments.

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