Getting Started with Pinterest #1

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Pinterest,Pinterst, Pinning on Pinterest, Pin Button on Pinterest For a More In Depth Look with Photos If y…


mompm says:

Ï remember now that your video is the one? that took me throught it, thank you again

mompm says:

I am on it now,? thank you for the help offer

thecharmingplace says:

I have another pinterest tutorial that follows this one. It is longer and? tells more. Look above to see the link.

thecharmingplace says:

Hi, I need? your email address to invite you. I would be happy to. Just message me. Thanks for watching.

mompm says:

Can you invite me to pinterest please, or will the site do? it?| thanks for the video- well done

mompm says:

Can you invite? me to pinterest please? And thank you

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